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How you can help defeat Trump’s latest desperate attempt to kill Obamacare


Gutting ACA outreach will raise costs and cost lives — but it’s also a chance to prepare for the 2018 election

Trump has never been less popular as president and Obamacare has never been more popular — ever. But in this gerrymandered, electoral college-d reality, popularity does not equal power. Trump is using every tool at his disposal to try to destroy the law that has brought America to the lowest uninsured rate ever recorded.

This week, we got some great news. This GOP is running out of time to repeal the ACA this time around.

And not coincidentally, the Trump Administration announced its most savage attempt to sabotage implementation of the law by cutting outreach for the ACA’s coming open enrollment period, which has already been shortened, through the bone.

When you cut this money, which comes from insurers, you’re trying to enroll fewer people who are far more likely to be sick, since healthy people have other things to worry about. Then premiums go up for everyone, along with the law’s subsidies. So the people most likely to be hurt are older Americans, who are more likely to be Trump voters and their family members who earn too much for premium support.

Andy Slavitt — who helped save Obamacare during the original HealthCare.gov debacle and led the fight against Trumpcare — wants to help save the law again.

His plan? Crowdsource outreach.

Meaning: It’s on you.

Step 1:

Retweet this:

Step 2:

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Step 3:

Follow @ASlavitt, @TopherSpiro, @CAPAction and @Eclectablog‘s @alswrite because we’re working with @Charles_Gaba and his @ACASignups project to help drive enrollment in Michigan — one of the few states with a Republican governor that has done a decent job of implementing this law, which has resulted is a huge drop in our uninsured population.


This is a crisis but it’s also an opportunity.

Some people we need to reach out to the most — immigrants and vulnerable communities — are also the least likely to vote in 2018. If progressives rise up and build these neural networks to help save each other’s health care, we can then reignite them again when it matters most in November of next year.

We must not underestimate how hard it will be to take the House of Representatives. It’s also the most important thing we can do to check the unhinged, looting authoritarian in the White House.

Let’s turn this act of betrayal into the beginning of the end for Trump and it will be the best act of revenge since Senate Republicans blocked Elizabeth Warren from leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and inspired her to become a U.S. Senator.

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