Conservatives — September 4, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Forget Russia, there are plenty of conservative groups pushing #FakeNews to get progressives fighting with each other


There’s a lot of talk about Russian interference with our elections through bots and paid internet trolls spreading #FakeNews to through sand in the gears of the democratic process and the Democratic Party. However, there is plenty of classic ratfucking going on from conservatives masquerading a disgruntled Democrats and Sanders supporters or blatant fake progressive groups.

In the latter category, there’s one I follow online that is pretending to be an Indivisible Group but is very blatantly not. They have a page on Facebook called “Michigan Indivisible“. It’s primarily run by a guy named David A. Dudenhoefer who just happens to be the Chair of Michigan’s 13th District Republican Committee.

Here’s what Dudenhoefer wrote right before creating the “Michigan Indivisible” Facebook page (he’s since deleted the post):

It’s clear what his motive is when you scan through the posts he puts on this fake Indivisible Group page.

Another group calls themselves “RogueDNC” and is attempting to create discord within the Democratic Party ranks. It’s unclear whether this is a group of disgruntled Democrats, anti-Democratic Party leftists, or just conservatives engaging in ratfucking. Based on their posts, I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter since there is little evidence that they are anything but shitty conservatives. If they are leftists, they aren’t very good at it.

Their Twitter account started in January and there have been no tweets since January. However, their Facebook page is very active. They came to my attention because they have gone way beyond just posting anti-Democrats stuff on their page and have begun to organize events to protest Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book tour like this one for Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Here are the others:

Click for a larger version

Here’s another not related to the book tour:

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So, when you see anti-Democratic Party or anti-Clinton stuff circulating on the internet and social media, dig a bit deeper and make sure you aren’t falling for a ratfucking scheme. They appear to be quite common and these are just two that I happened across. Thankfully, they are either unashamed of what they are doing and blatant about it or they are just so lame at it that it’s pretty easy to spot. Instead of fighting with your fellow progressives about it, call them out as fake and educate others so that they are taken in by these lame attempts, either.

We have a lot of battles to fight. Fighting amongst ourselves is something we simply don’t have the luxury to do.