2018, Affordable Care Act, American Health Care Act, Donald Trump — September 9, 2017 at 11:45 am

WARNING: Amidst our other disasters, Trump and the GOP still want to gut Medicaid by September 30


Category 4 Obamacare sabotage is also ongoing

Some Conservatives feel as if secret liberal Donald Trump tricked them into not getting into a giant fight over Harvey disaster relief as Irma threatens much of Florida, but Trump’s assault on Obamacare and health care in general continues to be as Republican as hell.

In addition, the Trump administration still won’t give clarity on whether it will be paying out the “cost-sharing reduction” payments insurers have been promised, which is threatening the coverage of 350,000 Virginians while potentially costing taxpayers billions.

But it gets worse. They’re still coming for your Obamacare and your Medicaid.

Some Republicans — with approval of the White House — still want to pull off the worst possible of sabotage of your health care — Trumpcare 4.0 AKA Graham-Cassidy. And they think they can do it.

What is Graham-Cassidy, besides the GOP’s only hope of repealing Obamacare before their reconciliation window closes on September 30?

Andy Slavitt — who ran Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid under President Obama — sums it up:

It includes the same cuts to Medicaid in the House bill that violated Trump’s campaign promise and they get much worse after the ten-year window that the the Congressional Budget Office scores.

Why is Graham doing this?

To save the GOP and make sure the party’s base shows up in 2018.

Also, the money that’s robbed from health care can then promptly fed into tax breaks for the rich and their corporations, which is another fight that’s coming:

Republican donors want these tax breaks for the rich and uninsuring lots of working families makes them even more likely. These two meshed struggles, I believe, will decide the fate of the Trump presidency, which is why even some of the worst natural disasters in American history will not slow the GOP down.

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