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There are two ways to defeat the forces of conservatism and progressives don’t have one of them


There are two ways defeat the forces of conservatism in America. The first is to spend ungodly amounts of money to purchase state legislatures, judicial positions, governors’ seats, Congressional seats, and the presidency.

News flash: Progressives do NOT have the seemingly endless supply of corporate interests to fund this sort of decades-long program, one that is playing out precisely as planned right now in our country.

The second way is for people to band together and work in concert to seize back control of our government from these incredibly wealthy self-interested corporatists and conservatives who serve the corporatists’ interests. The beautiful thing about America is that its institutions were put in place by people who were able to foresee that wealth combined with self interested greed were the biggest threat to our union. These institutions – a free press, freedom to assemble and speak, freedom to seek redress from our government, our judicial system, and others – are not perfect but they are the tools we can use, if we work together, to take back control.

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So, we’re back once again to make our case.

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