Fundraiser — August 5, 2017 at 2:07 pm

Look, I’ll beg if I have to. This site is that important to me.


I hate writing fundraising pleas. You hate reading them. Those are facts.

Also a fact: We’re all in this together. I just finished a Powerpoint presentation I am giving at Netroots Nation this week in Atlanta where I’m on a panel sponsored by the Center for Media & Democracy titled “Dismantling the Corporate Influence Machine in the States”. As I put the information together describing the corporate takeover of Michigan by the Koch brothers, the DeVos family, and the Mackinac Center, it brought home to me how much Eclectablog has been in the center of all of the fights against corporatism. Privatization of essential state services like education, prisons, and health services, the attacks on teachers and other workers, and the disinvestment in our students and schools – in all of these battles and more, we’ve kept you educated and informed and, in some cases, we’ve helped turn the tide. I continue to believe we played an essential role in overturning the Emergency Manager law (before the GOP reinstated it) and in bringing down the Education Achievement Authority before they could spread it statewide.

Most of all, it made me realize just how important this site is to me.

I hope it’s important to you, as well, so, despite hating to beg, that’s what I will continue to do in order to keep Eclectablog from going the way of so many other sites.

So, please – PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE – consider making a contribution and join the growing community of supporters here at Eclectablog who sustain us. I am, quite literally, begging you.

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If you are able to help support us financially, we would be most grateful. There was never a more easy way to #resist. Thank you for your support.

[CC photo credit: James W Bell – Leeds | Flickr]