Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — August 17, 2017 at 5:50 pm

Acting like a bratty 13-year old child, Michigan GOP senator Joe Hune openly mocks constituent via Facebook


Connor Bridges from Fowlerville reached out to his state senator Joe Hune this week to express his disappointment in his continued support of Resident Donald Trump. What followed may be the most unprofessional behavior by an elected state legislator toward one of his constituents that I’ve ever witnessed:

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The rally Connor speaks of was a gathering of a couple hundred tea partiers in Howell, Michigan:

“Are we a Trump community or what?” Hune asked a cheering crowd. He also inspired the crowd to chant “build the wall” and “fake news,” before listing what he described as positive points about Trump’s presidency, including the stock market, Iran sanctions and the stripping away of federal funding to sanctuary cities.

“We’ve been pillaged,” Hune said. “We’ve been threatened. We’ve been hammered. We do it because it’s right for our country.”

When Connor posted this Messenger exchange on Facebook, he had this to say, in part:

While I could have been a little gentler in my criticism, this shows not only a lack of leadership, but a complete disregard of those who a part of, or have family in, his constituency. The moral of my message is clear- don’t hold an impromptu Trump rally to defend his statements drawing moral comparisons with nazis and nazi-protestors. Seems like an easy message to agree with.

Joe Hune is a disgrace to the state legislature and may not actually be smart enough to be a state senator. His boss, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, should lead the charge to censure Hune for his treatment of a constituent in this manner. It’s one thing to disagree with a constituent. It’s entirely another to send them mocking political memes in such a childish and insulting fashion.

And, by the way, Mr. Hune, if you’re on the side of defending Nazis, you are truly on the wrong side. Even a self-important manchild like you ought to know that. If not, go ask a grown-up.

One more thing: Connor had no need to be “a little gentler”. What he wrote to Sen. Hune was perfectly reasonable. If he weren’t in such a outrageously gerrymandered district and term-limited, I would relish the chance to take him down in 2018.

UPDATE: Just to show you how hypocritical Joe Hune is, he posted these two images on Facebook over the 4th of July weekend to remind us how many Michiganders fought in a war against the Confederate traitors in the American Civil War, the folks he seems so enamored of now (click images to go to the Facebook posts):

Screenshot via Connor Bridges, used with permission