Donald Trump — July 21, 2017 at 8:27 am

Some want to watch the world burn, Donald Trump is lighting the match – headlines from July 20, 2017


This is nothing short of incredible:

Those are six front page headlines from one of the country’s leading national newspapers, the Washington Post. I took the screenshots at around 10 p.m. last night.

Donald Trump had a VERY busy day yesterday:

That was just a snapshot from a moment in time from one newspaper. Trump’s administration is imploding before our very eyes.

Trump himself looks exhausted, haggard, and weak. He’s careening from one position to another like a pinball, acting erratically, irresponsibly, and dangerously.

He gave an in-depth, rambling interview with the New York TimesIN THE OVAL OFFICE!
that his aides knew nothing about and for which he had not prepared.

ExxonMobil, the company that was once headed up by his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was fined for violating sanctions against Russia while Tillerson was at the helm.

Trump’s administration cleared the way for 15,000 foreign workers to come into the USA to work for lower pay than Americans, taking their jobs and driving down their wages.

The President of the United States is openly disparaging the United States Attorney General and seeking to undermine an investigation being conducted by an appointed special prosecutor. He’s doing this publicly as if the entire world isn’t watching him attempt to run and hide from his potential crimes. He’s doing this while at the same time accusing Americans who don’t want their personal information provided to a voter suppression commission created by Trump himself of having something to hide. This from a man who, without any justification whatsoever, won’t release his tax returns.

Here’s a fun fact: Donald Trump wanted to file his financial disclosure without including a certification that it was truthful:

[Former director of the U.S. Office of Ethics and Government Walter] Schaub explained that he was “horrified when Trump’s lawyer asked if Trump didn’t have to sign it to certify if it’s true” after filling out his disclosures.

“I pointed out to her that millions of financial disclosure reports have been filed in the past four decades and every one of them has been certified as true, and I think we could ask that of our president,” he said.

The lawyer then asked if Trump could file it without signing to certify that it was true. Schaub said that the lawyer claimed that filing was “voluntary” and Trump wasn’t obligated to file if he didn’t want to.

We are rapidly hurtling toward a constitutional crisis unlike any ever seen before. Our country’s institutions will be put to the test in ways we’ve never seen and, other than political thriller authors and the writers for House of Cards, no one could even predict.

We’ll find out if the FBI is truly independent.

We’ll find out if the Justice Department is truly free from political influence.

We’ll find out if our majority conservative Supreme Court is legitimate.

And, in the end, we’ll find out if the Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate have enough integrity and care enough about the country they represent to stop turning a blind eye to this egregious abuse of the power of the presidency and the White House and will hold Donald Trump and his children and their spouses along with people like Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon responsible and culpable for their overt attacks on our American democracy.

I believe – I HAVE to believe – that these institutions are strong enough to weather these attacks. America IS exceptional, after all.

What Trump is doing is unsustainable. It will drive him further into madness and our nation can’t and won’t take this forever. We will eventually reach the break point and the fires Trump has set, the conflagration he has put into motion, will explode and take them all down.

We can only hope he doesn’t burn the world down before that happens.