Fundraiser — July 26, 2017 at 8:34 am

Don’t be distracted by Donald Trump, Kid Rock, or Russian hackers


It’s easy to get distracted from what’s really important these days. Between the Daily Chaff™ that Donald Trump vomits into the mediasphere, the catnip of Russian collusion by him and members of his family and administration, and the possibility of second-tier “rock star” Kid Rock running for the U.S. Senate, there are a LOT of things in play that threaten to draw our attention away from working hard to wrest control of our government away from people who have no business having any sort of control whatsoever.

Here at Eclectablog, we try to help you stay focused. We give you information that you need to take decisive action on issues where you can really have an impact. Things like calling your members of Congress and the Senate to stop the horror that is Trumpcare. Like speaking out about the outrageous actions being taken in state legislatures. Like protecting our legal protections for workers and the environment. Like protecting the organizations that make our country a better place (I’m looking at YOU, Planned Parenthood!) These are areas where your resistance, persistence, and activism can make a real difference and having the knowledge and tools to take action are critical.

But, of course, none of that is possible if we can’t pay our bills, pay our writers, and continue to upgrade and expand our offerings. That’s why, four times a year, we come to you, hat in hand, asking for your financial support. None of us likes begging for money but we don’t have large corporate benefactors like our conservative, corporate-sponsored opponents. We have to rely on YOU, our readers and podcast listeners.

Please consider making a contribution and join the growing community of supporters here at Eclectablog. You could, for example, consider becoming a “Sit and Spin Savior” by making a $5 (or more!) a month pledge:

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If you are able to help support us financially, we would be most grateful. There was never a more easy way to #resist. Thank you for your support.

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