Fundraiser — June 25, 2017 at 11:00 am

URGENT: Tony Trupiano has been there for us for years. Now it’s time for us to be there for him.


Anyone who has read Eclectablog for any amount of time knows Eclectablogger Tony Trupiano. But Tony has been far more than an Eclectablogger in his day. He had nationally-syndicated radio show, another radio show based out of Detroit, and he’s been a proud proponent and activist on the behalf of working people and laborers for many, many years.

Simply put, Tony Trupiano, the Voice of the People, has been there for us without fail.

And now it’s time for US to be there for HIM:

Please note: Because of Tony’s current health problems, his sister Ann Marie Trupiano has graciously agreed to collect the monies from the campaign for Tony’s use.

In late August of 1981, I met a fellow on the Alma College Campus in Michigan who would become my lifelong friend. Tony Trupiano has been a constant in my life since then and I’ve cherished that friendship. I’m certain that many others feel the same way about Tony.

I’m saddened to share that Tony has fallen on a tough patch in his life due to some significant health problems. He’s doubly frustrated that he is experiencing many issues without a clear idea of causation. What began as a severe and painful bout of pancreatitis, has more recently progressed to include decreased kidney and liver function. He has lost much of his mobility due to edema in his legs and is now faced with the probability of having to enter into a dialysis program. He continues to work with a medical team to sort things out but, as of now, Tony is struggling to deal with the huge physical, and associated emotional, toll that he faces. That is a helluva lot, but it is compounded by the fact that he has been forced to leave his job and has lost his income.

I was frustrated by not being able to help Tony medically, but decided that I could at least offer some financial support. On top of his illness, he now fears the loss of his house, his car, and the independence that so many of us take for granted. My wife, Patty, pointed out that while I could write a single check, it wouldn’t go all that far. That’s why I’m reaching out to you.

If Tony has touched your life in some way, please consider a contribution. Tony has dedicated much of his life to the betterment of others. Maybe now would be a good time to say thank you. Heck, if you’re of a mind to help a dear friend of mine who you don’t even know, please feel free to contribute as well.

I’ve gotten Tony’s approval to do this. Tony has not been one to ask for assistance, so this request is on me, but as he put it, “Jimmy, I’m in no position to decline any offers of help”.

I would never describe this as being something that is owed to Tony, he wouldn’t want that. However, I can say with confidence that I am comforted by having the opportunity to help him. I have assured him that there are many, many people who love him and that I think that there are a goodly number of folks who, like me, would feel thankful for the opportunity to help.

No matter what you can offer, I would very much appreciate it if you would consider the provision of some assistance. And please leave a note to let Tony know how you feel and keep him in your hearts and prayers.

Thank you,
Jimmy Collins

I hope you’ll join me in supporting this worthy effort. They have raised one-third of the target of $25,000 to help Tony pay for his medical and household bills. I implore everyone reading this to do at least a little bit of something. Tony deserves that considering everything he’s done for us.

Thank you.