CODE RED: Only you can stop the worst transfer of wealth from poor to the richest ever


I hereby appoint you the Special Prosecutor of stopping Trumpcare

red alert

“Let facts be submitted to a candid world,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP seem to be saying, “Let’s hide our support for a giant tax break for the rich that guts the Affordable Care Act AND Medicaid so we don’t have to defend this shit during our summer recces.”

And it’s hard to imagine a situation where the facts are more important.

Trumpcare is likely the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the richest in American history. It’s half as popular as the least popular new president in our history and it’s being passed in the most underhanded way imaginable.

“Sabotage, speed and secrecy” is the formula, Andy Slavitt — who ran the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare for President Obama — explains.

“Of all the horror stories I have seen and written about in terms of Congress failing at every level of process and policy this is the worst,” Congressional scholar Norm Ornstein tweeted.

What does the worst failure of policy and process look like?

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Republicans can’t defend this process:

Because it’s indefensible. And the entire process will live or die based on what you do in the next few days.

Here’s the scariest part: The calls to Capitol Hill — which helped kill this atrocity twice — have nearly all stopped, according to MoveOn’s Ben Wikler.

So what can you do about about it?

If you’re involved with a group, Indivisible has a guide for steps you can to take now.

First, you should call your Senator, whether she’s you’re for or against the bill every day. Make 202-224-3121 a contact on your phone and set a reminder to call every day. You can tell your Democratic Senator to block everything until the GOP shows the bill and holds hearings on it.

Next, most important thing we can do is focus on the 10 states with Republican Senators who may be sway-able.

Eagerness is great but please don’t call a Senator who doesn’t represent you. It will hurt the effort. Here’s why.

But what you can do is activate your friends who might live in key states to make a call now.

Here Ben even sets up the links for you.

There is so much to be distracted by from the Trump Administration, not to mention your real life. But the Russia investigation is ongoing. There’s a Special Prosecutor moving this along faster than we could have imagined weeks ago.

There’s not clear evidence Republicans are colluding with cancer and other forms of preventative death. But it’s obvious that they want to uninsure tens of millions so the richest can get a little richer. They want to kill Medicaid expansion and cut people off Medicaid who were eligible before the ACA law. They want to doom the sick and potentially weaken all employer-provided insurance. And they want to take away the freedom Americans have gained from Obamacare.

We need to appoint ourselves the Special Prosecutors to stop Trumpcare before it sneaks into law and lets our family and neighbors die of indifference.

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