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UPDATED: GOP still determined to uninsure tens of millions while we’re Comey-tosed — here’s how we fight back


Mitch McConnell’s hunger to give the rich tax breaks is insatiable — and terrible for your health

Mitch McConnell is the GOP’s mutant Harry Reid, explains former Reid chief of staff Adam Jentleson.

“Harry Reid worked every angle and pulled every lever to give health care to millions,” he tweeted. “McConnell will do the same to take it away.”

The alarms should be sounding everywhere: GOP attempts to downplay Trumpcare’s chances were a ruse to lower your outrage and the plan to pass a version of the bill the House passed earlier this year after three attempts are continuing full steam.

Senate Republicans Are Closer Than Ever To Repealing Obamacare, warns plugged-in Hill reporters Matt Fuller and Sam Stein. “But they’re still kind of far away.”

What does that mean? “Success” for the GOP in their quest to reverse the greatest advancements in our health care system in 50 years in order to give the richest Americans a tax break is “a very real possibility,” says Greg Sargent, even it it means taking on parents like Natalie Weaver:

And this can happen because the calls that stopped Trumpcare the first two times have dried up, reports MoveOn’s Ben Wikler.

In a soon to be Smithsonian-ed tweetstorm Ben previewed the timeline of how the GOP hopes to sneak this horrendous law through this month while we’re all Comey-tosed. More importantly, he offers very specific tactics — including what you should do if you’re not in a state with swing Republican Senators — that I had never come across before.

Seriously, let’s kill this sneak attack on the most vulnerable — this massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the richest — before it leaves tens of million Americans for dead.

Here are resources to use when you make your calls:

And if you have the time, let the current Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service know about the GOP’s plan to kick 14 million off Medicaid to give the richest 400 Americans a $7 million tax break:

If you want even more insight into what’s going down on Capitol Hill man Andy Slavitt, who ran Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare for President Obama:

Like the House bill, this Senate bill will be hell on those with pre-existing conditions, as Topher Spiro — who worked on making Obamacare law in the Senate and is helping to lead the Trumpcare opposition — explains:

What should you do?

First, demand input into the Senate’s secret health care repeal bill.

Next, Spiro recommends focusing on Senator Dean Heller of Nevada and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia — who both represent stakes that expanded Medicaid and will be decimated by this law.

Share this so the people in these states know just how badly this law will punish the vulnerable many to punish the rich few:

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