Just bug a Senator


The one thing you have to do this week: Call a Senator OR share this with someone who should.

These are the people who will decide if the Senate will pass some version of the House’s American Health Care Act, which will uninsure 23 million and drive premiums as high as 800 percent higher for people in their young 60s, according to the Congressional Budget Office, which is led by a man handpicked by Tom Price, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

If any one of these Senators represents you, please call and say, “I agree with the 76 percent of Americans, including 59 percent of Republicans, who think Trumpcare breaks most of Trump’s promises. Please say no to this bill.”

If none of these people represent you, share this tweet or this image with anyone who can.

Why this matters so much right now:

That disturbance in the Force you feel is your Members of Congress are home right now.

You may remember from 2009 that these recesses are crucial for shaping public opinion about health care reform and yelling at people in town halls. Mitch McConnell has been trying to lower expectations that Trumpcare can become law in order to lower pressure on Republican Senators. But the real plan is to get this law through the upper House of Congress BEFORE the August recess. If Republicans return to DC in June without being spooked by the backlash to this miserable bill, they will move quickly, passing a bill that’s as terrible and poorly thought out as the one the House just shat out.

The lies and deceit the GOP are using to ram this bill into being should be one of the biggest scandals right now, even amongst some of the most heinous scandals in our history.

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Here’s a taste of why saving Obamacare is so important:

UNINSURABLE, Episode 1 | Erin Potter’s Story from UNINSURABLE on Vimeo.

What the hell is this this BTW?

I’m LOLGOP and I’m looking for a way to do more and help other who are as outraged and frustrated as me do more without spinning out in a sputtering, puttering rage spiral. I’ve been experimenting with a “3 Ways to Kick Ass” email but I’ve realized that didn’t fit with the first of my two big mantras for the Trump era, which are:

1. Our focus is our greatest asset.
2. Courage is more important than confidence.

My second mantra convinced me to not give up on this experiment and rather focus on an email that’s all about one thing each week. Hopefully it will be the MOST IMPORTANT thing each week. I can’t promise that, but it will be important. It will also evolve and may include links to other less important things to cheer you up and feed our courage, if people want that. Tweet me if you have thoughts.

Thanks for keeping on,