Bloggety Blah Blah Blah, Fundraiser — January 10, 2017 at 8:28 am

In the new Trump era, we need to value independent journalism all that much more


As we transition in whiplash fashion to the new Trump era, more and more independent journalism and political commentary becomes something we as informed Americans need to value as precious and essential. However, unlike our political adversaries who enjoy corporate support and financing, sites like Eclectablog rely on our readers (and listeners!) for that support.

That’s why, four times a year for a week, we run a quarterly fundraiser asking for you to help us keep going and, more importantly, to expand. As I mentioned yesterday, Eclectablog IS expanding. We’re bringing on new writers with new perspectives and we have added a podcast: The Sit and Spin Room with LOLGOP and Eclectablog. (You can listen to this week’s podcast HERE or wherever you subscribe to podcasts like iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.)

We don’t ask for this financial support lightly. We NEED it to continue to pay our writers, to pay for the webhosting and the services that keep us up and running when the site is slammed or the victim of a distributed denial of service (DDOS). We also have new expenses related to hosting our podcast and we’d like to upgrade our production equipment to make it the most professional podcast possible. It’s only with YOUR support that that can happen. In other words, it takes a community to make Eclectablog great. That’s where YOU come in.

If you are able to help support us financially, we would be most grateful. There are two ways to help. First, you can use the handy PayPal forms at the top of the right sidebar to make a one-time donation via Paypal or to set up a monthly donation. Second, you can send a check (which avoids Paypal taking out a percentage of your donation) to Chris Savage, P.O. Box 32, Dexter, MI 48130. Please make the check payable to “Eclectablog”.

To sweeten the pot this time, for every donation of $75 or more, we will send you my wife Anne’s incredible photomosaic of Barack Obama titled “Out of Many, We are One“. This image, created out of the faces of people attending his rallies in 2008, appeared as a two-page spread in TIME magazine in their January 2009 Person of the Year issue and has been on the cover of magazines and books around the world:

By making a donation you can support your values and take home a piece of history.

Thank you for your continued support.