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Here’s a little way for blue state liberals to make a big difference (without moving)


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One big reason our democracy is in crisis? Our blue states are so damn nice.

From the rolling curves of Puget Sound to the sandy dunes of Pismo Beach through the covered bridges of New England, you hear the advice that many Democrats offer as way to more effectively deploy popular vote advantage: MOVE.

But you don’t want to move. You want to stay and make California or Colorado or Virginia so blue that people don’t even know what to do with all their health care. I get it; you don’t want to live among Michigan’s sumptuous apples, historic Motown Museum or over 100 lighthouses.

You don’t have to move to help this movement.

Here’s a way to join the fight in a purple state that has been on the losing end of the conservative effort to gerrymander reality. The #FlintWaterCrisis is just the most glaring example of the right’s concerted effort to put profit over everything. They pull it off with massive resources spent to divide us and turn us against the things that make the middle class possible.

Here at Eclectablog all we do is fight back.

Our fearless (and peerless) publisher Chris Savage has been exposing the dangers of the policies that led to the poisoning of Flint for years. Amy Lynn Smith tells life-saving stories of the ACA you see almost nowhere else. And our new contributors offer perspectives from all over the state that confront the lies the conservative machine uses to tear at the fabric of our cities, schools and rights.

And we want to take the fight on the road. We launched our The Sit and Spin Room podcast last year and we want to bring it to the counties that swung right in November and could decide the fate of our country for elections to come.

We need your help — and you don’t even do move out of your seat.

*announcer voice*

There are two ways to help without having to fill out a change of address form. First, you can use the handy PayPal forms at the top of the right sidebar to make a one-time donation via Paypal or to set up a monthly donation. Second, you can send a check (which avoids Paypal taking out a percentage of your donation) to Chris Savage, P.O. Box 32, Dexter, MI 48130. Please make the check payable to “Eclectablog”.

For every donation of $75 or more, we will send you a historic photomosaic of Barack Obama by the great Anne Savage titled “Out of Many, We are One“. This image, created out of the faces of people attending his rallies in 2008, appeared as a two-page spread in TIME magazine in their January 2009 Person of the Year issue and has been on the cover of magazines and books around the world:

Every dollar you give sends the message that you’re not going to let a minority president undermine the progress we’ve made, no matter where you choose to live.

[Image by the great Anne Savage.]