Labor, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — December 6, 2016 at 6:03 pm

BOOM! Facing withering backlash, Michigan Republicans back down from attacks on first responders


As I wrote about earlier this week, one of the more outrageous things being pushed through during the Michigan legislature’s lame duck session is a 13-bill package that would “end post-retirement health care for new local government workers and generally force existing workers and retirees to pay 20% of their post-retirement health care costs”. This was the first time that Republicans had had the audacity to attack first responders who have generally been spared. Today, the Republicans blinked and agreed to walk away from the legislation:

Facing a strong backlash from police and firefighters, Michigan Republican lawmakers backed off today on plans to cut retiree health care benefits for local government workers during the lame duck session.

GOP House leadership announced the change in plans as police officers and firefighters from across the state demonstrated outside the Capitol during a nearby meeting of the House Local Government Committee.

Law enforcement bagpipers played on the steps of the Capitol and protesters lined the sidewalk legislators walk from the House Office Building to the Capitol.

This is clear evidence that putting pressure on Republican lawmakers CAN have an impact so I encourage you to stay vigilant and to contact your State Representatives and Senators to make sure they hear you loud and clear about some of the truly terrible bills they are considering.

You can find contact information for your Senator HERE and your Representative HERE.

[CC photo credit: Kyle J. Schultz | Flickr]