2016, Reproductive rights, Women — November 3, 2016 at 8:05 pm

Want to be sure you’re voting for pro-Choice candidates? There’s a website for that!


The following guest post was written by Friend of the Blog (and the blogger) Linsey Pecikonis. Linsey is the Communications Lead at #VOTEPROCHOICE.


In a few days, the 2016 election will come to an end. While a majority of us are still transfixed by a presidential election like no other, the key races across the country are decided much lower on the ballot.

For the past 18 months it’s been an onslaught of where the presidential hopefuls, then nominees stand on a slew of issues. With so much vitriol being spewed from the top, it’s been difficult to stay focused on what issues are important to your local candidates – the ones whose decisions impact your life daily.

That’s why #VOTEPROCHOICE, a radically inclusive political engagement platform, created a voter guide allowing you to see where candidates stand on Choice. During the last Presidential debate, the one where Donald Trump incorrectly described why women have term abortions, we heard where both candidates at the top of the ticket stand on reproductive rights. In the vice president debate, both candidates were able to articulate positions so voters could decide which candidate most aligned with their values and visions.

In local elections, it’s not always as easy. That’s why this voter guide is so important. It features all national, state, and most local elections across the country in a geographically accurate sample ballot. With over 10,000 pro-Choice endorsements from partners and pro-Choice friends, we need your help getting this voter guide into the hands of voters.

The Eclectablog community understands the importance of this election and the impact this election can have on the issues progressives care about. But we also understand the power our local elected officials have on important issues like healthcare, taxes, and on women’s rights. the #VOTEPROCHOICE voter-guide, you can decide whether that county commissioner or state senator deserves your vote.

Check out the #VOTEPROCHOICE voter guide today. Once you’ve checked out your candidates, be sure to share with other prochoice friends. Help get this guide into millions of voters hands. It’s our time to stand up and defend safe access for legal abortions.

Graphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog.