2016, Mike Pence — November 20, 2016 at 1:12 pm

Mike Pence is gaslighting us all


Mike Pence is every principal or superintendent who has looked a teacher straight in the eye and told them that they were being terminated for low student test scores, even though most of the teacher’s students come to school every day hungry and tired.

Mike Pence is every business owner who cuts his employees’ hours to avoid paying for their health insurance, and then tells the remaining workers they need to “work even harder.”

Mike Pence is every man who has told a woman that her promotion was not going to be granted, but that she was still a highly valued employee, and maybe she should try to “smile more” around the office.

Mike Pence is every minister, pastor, or priest who stands at the pulpit preaching a message of love and tolerance, and then urges his parishioners to vote for anti-LGBT laws, and makes financial contributions from his church or parish to candidates who have long records of anti-LGBT opposition and discrimination.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore | Flicker.

Mike Pence is every CEO who has announced that his company would no longer be contributing to employee pension plans even as the company was announcing record profits.

Mike Pence is every town supervisor or mayor who closes his community’s schools and health clinics, and then offers a huge tax break to the local basketball, football, or baseball team to build a new stadium.

Mike Pence is every smiling suit who gaslights his employees, constituents, students, wives, children, and voters by trying to convince them that the things they see right in front of their very eyes are not really happening.

Mike Pence is our next Vice-President, and will likely be in charge of our country’s domestic and foreign policies for the next 4 years.

We see you, Mike. We know who you are. We’ve known men like you our entire lives. And we’ll keep fighting the lies, and discrimination, and hate.