2016, Michigan Republicans — November 2, 2016 at 11:52 am

Michigan Republican David Trott distributes blatantly political ad using tax dollars


Millionaire Republican Congressman David Trott recently distributed a YouTube video that is so blatantly political that the only thing missing from it is the statement, “I’m David Trott and I approve this message.” The video was sent out via his Congressional office email newsletter and talks about how “the economy is still weak” and he’s the one to fix it. “Washington needs to focus on creating genuine opportunity that will improve the lives of hardworking moms and dads who need it most,” he says. He continues by saying he’s been focused on policies that will create jobs and “reduce the size of Washington.”

Here’s the campaign ad disguised as a message to his constituents:

Trott’s ad crosses the line from constituent contact to blatant campaigning. Because he never says “vote for me” and simply asks his constituents to email him and join his email list, he’ll probably get away with it. But, make no mistake, this is a taxpayer-funded campaign ad, full stop.

Trott is tremendously wealthy so this isn’t about saving money. It’s about using his incumbency to tip the scale in his favor. He’s the poster child for what’s wrong in Washington, D.C.

Thankfully, voters in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District have an opportunity to replace a corporatist millionaire with a man who actually cares about the people in the 11th District, Dr. Anil Kumar. Stop by his site, Kumar for Congress to learn more about him and his positions. And while you’re there, be sure to give him a fighting chance by making a donation.