Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Michigan Democrats — November 8, 2016 at 8:29 am

Game ON! A few items from my election catalogue


So, it comes down to this, right?

I’m leaving in a few minutes to vote for the first time in a new community. I plotted out the course to get there. Drove there to be sure. Talked to new neighbors about lines, etc., and I am ready. As I write this, it is 6:30 a.m. I am showered, dressed and just waiting for the polls to open.

I love voting, by the way. I get a short endorphin rush when I vote in person, I really do.

After I vote, I am going to treat myself to a nice homemade breakfast and then I will spend the entire day volunteering to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for all Democrats with a special emphasis on former and future state Representative Teresa Abed.

A few random thoughts as you prepare for your own election journey, and I offer these tidbits through the eyes of experience, anxiety, a long day, and still some optimism that democracy will reign supreme.

Some of the following bullet points are just thoughts, some are what I hope you will see as sage advice, and some will ruffle a few feathers. Oh well, no one makes everyone happy, right?


Oh, and very quickly, if you still don’t know who you are going to vote for or what issues you are going to support at this point, what in the hell have you been doing?

Here goes:

• If you have decided to vote straight ticket, REMEMBER you still have to vote the rest of your ballot. Do it. No cheating and start from the bottom up. Some races and all of the ballot issues are not covered by straight ticket voting. It is not a speed test. Take your time.
• You are allowed to bring a cheat sheet so, before you get to your voting place, either print off or write down ALL of the items on your ballot to make it easier on yourself.
• Do NOT let a line rattle you.
• DON’T let ANYONE rush you.
• If you are in line when the polls close, you have EVERY right to vote no matter how long the line.
• If you do NOT have an ID, you can vote a provisional ballot and let NO ONE tell you otherwise.
• If your biggest thrill is taking a selfie while voting, you have bigger problems than who is going to be elected. Don’t do it, it’s illegal thanks to our Republicans Secretary of State.
• IF, a BIG IF, Donald Trump finds some miracle of Beelzebub and wins, I promise we will survive as a nation. But you have been forewarned so many times that if you don’t vote, you get to own that disaster. Survivable? Yes. Desirable? Do I really need to answer that?
• In Michigan, we MUST take back the House. That means a huge voter turnout. Remind people to vote, even gently, OK?
• Avoid the non-stop analysis on TV all day. Just trust me on this.
• Come 8 p.m. ET, if you drink alcohol, draw a stiff one and watch either with friends or alone. Your choice. Yes, there will still be states that have not closed the polls, but the fun is watching the numbers unfold.
• No one vote EVER cancels another vote. They ALL matter and when you see the vote totals, take pride that one of those numbers is yours.
• If you have ANY election problems, you can go here for more information on how to deal with it or call 313-749-8683 statewide.
• Don’t procrastinate. Know when you are going to go and then go. Simple!

Let’s be clear that this election season has been VERY long, extremely frustrating, filled with more absurdity than we have space for and, most of all, it is now up to us. Yes, now is the time to vote.

No excuses. Let’s send both a message and be determined to hold those who are elected accountable, and I’ll write more on that later this week, but no more excuses. You do not have to hold your nose and vote for this person over that person. Vote for the BEST person for the job, not the person with the letter you like at the end of their name (R or D).

Lastly, be confident, controlled, and content that the process will work. Because it will. I don’t have a crystal ball and am no expert handicapper on elections, and in fact, I was the first one to say a Trump candidacy wouldn’t last a week. See how good I am?

Just VOTE. Really, just VOTE, please. I asked nicely…