Bloggety Blah Blah Blah, Fundraiser — October 22, 2016 at 10:15 am

What the hell can you do about it?


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Daily Show clip, but this one is worth checking out:

A person you’ve never heard of — like Tomi Lahren — is delivering the news on Facebook to more people than all three network newscasts combined. Her message that America is under assault from anyone who believes that we actually have work to do when it comes to improving equality under the law for non-white people resonates, I assume, with a lot of people — white people, to be specific.

And by watching or sharing that post, a person can be sure that they’ll see more information like this that reaffirms their view of the world.

In this media landscape, the loudest and the angriest messages resonate, while stories like the poisoning of Flint, a tragedy where everyone failed a city, get missed until it’s too late. And then when the bright light of the media shines on the crisis for a few weeks, who is left to tell the rest of the story?

Yes, like anything online Eclectablog can be its own bubble. But it’s a bubble where we do our best to get beyond the headlines to tell the stories that represent the challenges and progress we see in Michigan and the nation.

We pride ourselves on being one source where our publisher Chris Savage will make sure Flint will be on our front page until the people of that city can drink out of their faucets without filtering the water. We pride ourselves on the amazing #TransStories Amy Lynn Smith conveys putting faces and details behind one of the great civil rights battles of our day. We pride ourselves on bringing you Tony Trupiano’s perspective on the issues he confronts every day on the radio and as he travels around the state.

Chris always makes sure you’re getting fresh voices, adding new bloggers all the time including Jen Eyer, Summer Foster and Mitchell Robinson whose perspectives on charter schools and privatization are as sharp and necessary as you will find anywhere.

And now we’re offering another way to get your Eclectablog with our weekly podcast The Sit and Spin Room.

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