2016, Donald Trump — October 23, 2016 at 10:09 am

Think comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are extreme? Check out this recent email from Trump.


It’s not uncommon to get pushback if you compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. You’ll be accused of hyperbole or of “going full Godwin“. But, I have to say, after an email I received from his campaign on Friday, I no longer think it’s hyperbole at all.

The email was titled “We’re Being Overrun” and it gets right to the point regarding immigrants:

The tidal wave has been coming for a while, and no one in Washington has been able to stop it.

The truly shocking part? They turn away and hide from the problem that’s contaminating our country, and refuse to acknowledge, let alone take the steps to fix it.

The email goes on to say, “We can’t afford to be so politically correct that it paralyzes our nation’s safety. Friend, this election comes down to a simple question – do I stand by and watch my country continued to be destroyed, or do I take my country back?

The Nazis of the Third Reich had an actual name for this sort of “contamination”: Rassenschande which means “racial shame”, “racial defilement”, or “racial pollution”. They also used the word Blutschande or “blood defilement”.

Some people may reject the comparison between Trump and Hitler but I no longer do. And neither do many Europeans, particularly Jewish Europeans, who watched Hitler’s ascent to power. He, too, was seen as a crackpot early in his career. However, he used the idea of contamination of the German race and German country as a rallying point to sway people to his side.

The world is watching. America must stop this man.

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