2016 — October 11, 2016 at 7:05 pm

The 2016 Michigan Progressive Voter Guide is out, an essential resource for every progressive voter in our state


Although Eclectablog is largely out of the business of running ads on the site (in favor of being completely reader and partner supported), you may have noticed the burgundy banner up there to the right of our logo for “MIVoterGuide.com“. That’s because this election is too important and too complicated to be either sitting on the sidelines or making the wrong choices.

And our state, simply put, cannot afford that.

That’s why Eclectablog is a proud partner of the Between the Lines 2016 Progressive Voter Guide. What’s that you ask? Here’s how our friends and partners at BTL describe it:

Progressive organizations across Michigan have joined forces to create the 2016 Progressive Voter Guide (MIVoterguide.com). A project of Between The Lines and a number of Progressive partners, this guide lists key endorsements for candidates who will fight for progressive values like equality for the LGBT community, women and people of color, and will look after the interests of unions, the environment and more. Plus, the guide identifies candidates who are actively anti-LGBT, anti-choice and anti-union, or would otherwise seek to trample the rights of Americans if elected.

The goal of the 2016 Progressive Voter Guide is to help Michigan’s citizens navigate the sometimes confusing array of candidates, so they are motivated to get to the polls on Election Day and vote with the confidence that they know exactly who to support. And it couldn’t be easier for voters to find the candidates in their area using the online guide. All they have to do is enter their zip code for a list of endorsements.

That’s it. Click the link, enter your zip code and you instantly get a list of the progressives you should consider voting for. Even if you vote a straight partisan ticket, it has information about the non-partisan races, too.

So, before you vote, be sure you’re informed and use MIVoterGuide.com to help. And take a friend along, too! Because if WE vote, WE win.