GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans, Veterans — October 26, 2016 at 12:50 pm

Republican Gary Glenn’s campaign admits it exploited elderly Korean War vet for political purposes


Last week I wrote about how the campaign of notorious homophobe and anti-worker Republican Gary Glenn had exploited an elderly Korean War vet in an effort to smear Glenn’s Democratic opponent Geoff Malicoat. An “open letter” was sent to multiple media outlets suggesting that horrific anti-veteran comments made on an online forum in 2006 were penned by Malicoat. The letter was supposedly sent by William Miller, a veteran of the Korean War but it was clear that it was actually sent by Glenn’s campaign.

Glenn’s campaign now admits it sent the letter:

Glenn campaign manager Jeremiah Ward

The letter, which was sent by email to media outlets, had no indication it came from the Glenn campaign, but a link in the mail was traced back to the computer of Jeremiah Ward, the campaign manager for Glenn.

Ward admits that “The Glenn campaign did inform Mr. Miller of the online comments. He has read them personally. The letter was put together by the campaign, with, of course, Mr. Miller’s full knowledge, agreement and consent.”

Mr. Miller says he agrees with what’s in the letter but, “he was surprised the letter was emailed to so many media outlets,” according to reporting by ABC.

In other words, Mr. Miller wanted his thoughts to be heard by the Midland and Bay County Democratic Parties but had no intention of smearing Geoff Malicoat in the press.

That particular piece of sleazy campaigning is ENTIRELY the responsibility of Gary Glenn and his sleazy campaign staff including his 19-year-old campaign manager Jeremiah Ward.