Kevin Cotter, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — September 20, 2016 at 1:46 pm

GOP House candidate Steve Marino: House Speaker Cotter “does a bad job in Lansing…Doesn’t have any real backbone”


Last week I wrote about 27-year-old Republican Steve Marino. Marino is a Macomb County Commissioner and candidate for the state House. In recordings made by a Michigan Democratic Party tracker at a coffee hour, Marino bragged about cheating on his taxes and, apparently, lied about picking up bar tabs for other Republicans as a lobbyist among other things.

Earlier this week another recording was released where Marino brags about his company in China and makes it clear that he finds shipping jobs overseas is fine because it saves him money. When an attendee said, “China’s not a democracy!”, Marino replied, “I know, I have a company over there [China]…” He then added, “Why am I going to pay an individual $80,000 a year, when I can pay somebody $5,000 a year in a different country and do it however I want to do it.”

It’s worth noting that when a resolution to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement came before the Macomb County Commission, Marino was one of only three that voted against it. Job-killing in America does not appear to be a big issue for Marino.

Today, we get more recordings and these are epic. In these recordings you can hear Marino disparaging Republican House Speaker Kevin Cotter as “spineless”, saying he “does a bad job in Lansing” because he has “has no real backbone” and has no control over his Republican caucus.

Listen for yourself:

You can listen to many other recordings of Marino Unplugged at

I’m sure these recordings of Marino and his big mouth will go a long way to ingratiate him with his fellow Republicans. Heck, Kevin Cotter himself might go knock doors in the 24th House District. Well, not for Marino, of course. For his opponent Democrat Dana Camphous-Peterson.

If you’d like to help out her campaign and knock some doors for her yourself, head over to her website DanaForStateHouse and sign up today. Donations to her campaign can be made HERE.