2016, Donald Trump — September 23, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Are we going to let a complete chauvinist take what’s left of our reproductive rights?


The serial adulterer now wants to be the man who denies women all control of their bodies


Donald Trump wants you to know that he never has any trouble winning the affection of younger women — at least, until he started running for president.

A new ad from the Clinton campaign highlights his past posturing as a womanizing cad quick to toss off gendered putdowns on his way to promoting his beauty pageants:

It’s definitely emotional. But these convenient slurs aren’t the best example to me of why I’m comfortable calling him a sexist — or at least an opportunist running on a sexist platform.

I’m a pretty typical guy who has spent my life trying to rid myself of this culture’s toxic masculinity and still loves the Howard Stern Show, where Trump made many of these comments.

But anyone who wants to be the president of the United States should be held to a much higher standard than a dopey blogger or a reality show star. And even if we put Trump’s sexist, pro-wrestling banter in the past, his ridiculous attempts on the campaign trail to attack Hillary Clinton’s health and marriage stink of rank misogyny.

But all his rhetoric that indulges in stereotypes and insults is garbage and revealing an almost criminal weakness of character. And it all pales to the disgusting things he’s actually planning to do as president.

It’s tough to get worse than Trump’s vows to make income inequality and climate change worse, but his proposals revealed to the anti-reproductive rights group the Susan B. Anthony List earlier this month may exceed them and near the danger of giving this man nuclear weapons in the worst threats of a potential Trump presidency.

Dr. Jen Gunther has an excellent explication of the implications the steps Trump proposes to deny access to basic reproductive health care and it comes down to this:

A Trump presidency will come first for 20 week abortions.

Then health care funding for IUDs.

Then all abortions.

Then all IUDs.

Then all contraception.

You know what Trump’s plan will do? Kill women.

And doctors like me will be left trying to pick up the pieces.

It’s easy to attack a woman’s looks. For Trump, it’s even easier to embrace the most aggressively anti-woman policies of the right after a lifetime of profiting off of women’s looks. He claimed that we was pro-choice well into his fifties and suddenly is to the right of Mike Huckabee. Why? Because he needs the evangelical vote, which he imagines sat home in 2012 because Mitt Romney wouldn’t go far enough to indulge the right’s worst fantasies.

This is why we have to do everything we can this election to make sure we don’t have any regrets that could haunt the poor people who will be most victimized by Trump’s pandering for the rest of our lives.

“One thing you can never say,as a psychiatrist once told Carmela Soprano. “That you haven’t been told.”

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