2016, Detroit, Donald Trump — August 31, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Now we have PROOF Trump is visiting Detroit to make white voters think he’s not racist


Yesterday I wrote about how Donald Trump is coming to Detroit on Saturday to prove to white people that he’s not racist. Though some may feel that’s a opinion, we now have proof. While he’s here, Trump will NOT be addressing the congregation of the predominantly black church where he’s taping a television interview.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Trump will attending the church service at the Great Faith Ministries International church and then going into a private meeting with the congregation’s leader Bishop Wayne T. Jackson to conduct the interview:

When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump comes to Detroit this weekend to try to strengthen his standing in the African-American community, he will be attending a service at a church and doing a one-on-one interview with the congregation’s leader, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

That’s about it.

Trump won’t be speaking to the black congregation at Great Faith Ministries International during the 11 a.m. service. And his Saturday interview with Jackson on the church’s Impact Network — which will not be open to the public or the news media — won’t air for at least a week after the event.

I’m guessing Trump doesn’t want to have to answer tough questions from “the blacks” he claims he’s such a great friend of. If you needed any further proof that this visit is pure optics aimed at white voters bothered by his blatant racism and bigotry rather than a sincere outreach to the African American community he so often disparages, now you have it.