2016, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton — July 28, 2016 at 11:50 am

VIDEO: Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the Michigan delegation on the final day of the Democratic National Convention


This morning, on the final day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the delegations from Minnesota, Tennessee, and Oregon joined the Michigan delegation for breakfast and welcomed Sen. Bernie Sanders who spoke for over 20 minutes. He hit all the major themes of his campaign and urged his supporters to remain engaged and involved. He reminded those in attendance that political revolutions are never top-down. Rather, they rise from the grassroots to effect transformational change. He encouraged his supporters to run for office at all levels and to support progressive candidates who share their views.

Sen. Sanders also thanked the people who had helped him create the movement that transformed the 2016 presidential primary and helped create the most progressive Democratic platform in history. It was their involvement in the political process in support of his campaign that made that possible.

Finally, he reminded the audience of what is at stake in this election. He called Donald Trump a dangerous “demagogue” who must be defeated and urged his supporters to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Unlike other times where this call for support for her campaign drew raucous boos and derision, the roughly two hundred delegates in the room this morning cheered.

It was a classy and important call for unity that will help ensure that Trump the Demagogue is defeated in November.