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FLASHBACK VIDEO – Trump on undocumented Mexican workers: “They’re great workers… great, wonderful people”


An anonymous Eclectablog reader pointed me to this video from 2010 of Donald Trump talking to Larry King about undocumented Mexican workers working in this country. In a sharp contrast to his more odious 2016 campaign trail rhetoric about Mexicans being murderers and rapists and the need to build a giant wall along the Mexican border that we’ll make Mexico pay for (hee, hee, hah, hah, ho, ho), in this segment, The Donald is effusive about Mexican workers saying “they’re great workers” and “great, wonderful people”:

“[I]n many cases they’re great workers. The biggest problem is that you have some great, wonderful people coming in from Mexico that are workin’ the crops, they’re workin’ cutting lawns, they’re doing a lot of jobs that I’m not sure a lot of Americans are gonna take those jobs. And that’s the dichotomy, that’s the big problem. Because you have a lot of great people coming in, doing a lot of work, and I’m not so sure that a lot of other people are going to be doing that work.”

Let’s roll tape:

This goes beyond the classic flip-flop. This is solid evidence that Donald Trump doesn’t actually believe the things he’s saying when he’s running for president and trying to pander to the most racist, xenophobic voters in our country. As LOLGOP put it so eloquently here at Eclectablog, Trump’s campaign rhetoric is pure “strategic racism”Trump’s campaign rhetoric is pure “strategic racism”.

If only his supporters could see this video…