2016 — July 11, 2016 at 3:40 pm

5 sacred GOP beliefs even more unpopular than Trump


It’s GOP platform time, when America gets reminded that the Republicans who are ruining acres of underwear with their fears that Trump is ruining their brand were doing a fantastic job on their own.

We’re often told how unpopular Donald Trump is — and it’s true. He’s the least popular candidate on record.


But he’s practically SuperReagan Pokémon Kardashian compared to some of the GOP’s favorite policies.

  1. Banning all abortions.
    Only 19 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, which is the official GOP platform stance Because nothing says smaller government than you being forced to spend the rest of your life raising your rapist’s baby, possibly with your rapist having visitation rights.
  2. Banning same-sex marriage.
    Yes, the party of marriage is against same-sex marriage even though it would now mean the forced divorce of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of loving unions. Needless to say, this is not a popular position unless you only hang out with people born before 1945. How unpopular is it? Almost exactly as unpopular as Donald Trump.
  3. Conversion therapy.
    The 2016 GOP platform is also set to include a hearty endorsement of conversion therapy. Conservatives believe humans couldn’t be causing climate change but we’re definitely the cause of gayness, which is obviously a choice, according to people who’ve considered it. According to a 2014 poll, only 8 percent of Americans think this kinky, legalized child abuse works.
  4. Opposing universal background checks for guns.
    Around 32,000 Americans die each year due to gun violence, which is why the Republican Party is obsessed with the safety of… bathrooms. Breitbart dot com even struggles to find an example why the spate of new anti-transgender bathroom laws have popped up in GOP states, but you have to hide yourself in a prepper bunker that only gets Fox News to not recognize that our gun laws aren’t good enough. Who opposes universal background checks? About 6 percent of Americans and that includes 9 percent of Republicans.
  5. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan.
    The Speaker of the House is willing to throw out all his concerns about all the race-baiting and Saddam-praising that has made Trump the hero of a new generation of antisemites for a simple reason: He wants to gut Medicare and he’s sure President Trump will let him. How unpopular is Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher scheme? Only 26 percent of Americans supported it last year, which it makes it the perfect plan for the most unpopular presidential candidate in U.S. history to put in place.

[Picture by PBS Newshour | Flickr]