2016, Democrats, Guest Post — February 22, 2016 at 8:34 am

GUEST POST: The Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus in Pictures – by Jason Karsh


My friend Jason Karsh, a writer and political strategist, spent the past week documenting the Nevada Democratic Caucus with his camera. He offered up his view of the event in this photo essay of the week leading up to (and including) Caucus Day. Enjoy.

With one week to go before caucus day, Clinton organizer Hugo J. awaits volunteers and supporters outside the Painters’ Union Hall in Henderson, NV.

After Sec. Clinton rallies the troops, these cards will be delivered door to door by canvassers in the South Vegas Valley.

In a town where unions still matter, the 65,000 member Culinary Union—the largest union in the state—has pledged to remain neutral. However, Sec. Clinton will make trips to the back of the house in nearly every major union property in town to shore up labor’s support. Many of these members will caucus at sites on the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday.

In her pitch to workers, Sec. Clinton reiterates her commitment to equal pay for equal work, and for a leader that supports union households rather than attacking their members.

Sec. Clinton embraces the selfie generation in Henderson, NV.

Although Sec. Clinton has extensive union support, Sen. Sanders has the support of National Nurses United. A union with over 185,000 members nationwide.

With less than a week to go until caucus day, Sen. Sanders basks in the momentum at Bonanza High School in Las Vegas.

Multiple Clinton offices in town feature hand-painted murals, this one from floor to ceiling is in Clinton’s East Las Vegas campaign office.

Not to be outdone, multiple Sanders offices feature fan-art—including this painting in West Las Vegas.

Money is a motivating factor, but Sanders’ supporters have a number of reasons he speaks to them. These line the window of Sanders’ West Las Vegas office.

Every mailbox matters, and the Clinton campaign will print over a million pieces of handouts and mail for the Nevada caucuses alone.

MSNBC stakes out a spot in front of New York, New York on the Las Vegas Strip. On Thursday night, two days before the caucuses, José Díaz-Balart and Chuck Todd will host a live Town Hall featuring both candidates.

“Are you ready for a radical idea?” With one night to go, Sen. Sanders makes his final pitch in Henderson, NV.

After locking arms with surrogates and supporters to sing “This Land Is Your Land” with the Cold War Kids in Henderson, Sen. Sanders strides toward Saturday morning.

Although doors won’t open until 11am, some caucus locations report lines before 10am. By 11:30am, these lines will reach the street at many locations.

Within every Precinct Caucus Packet is an unopened deck of cards. In the event of a tie, the deadlock will be officially decided by a game of High Card.

At a Las Vegas caucus site, Clinton supporter Evan L. makes his pitch on behalf of his candidate before his precinct convenes. When the caucus count begins, the room will split in half as voters stand to support the candidate of their choice.

The delegates in their caucus decided, Democrats come together knowing that come the general election in November, they’ll all be in this together.

As the caucus results begin to trickle in, Clinton supporters and organizers head to Ceasars Palace in anticipation of a win.

Former Obama organizers in 2012, Gabe M. and Albert D., returned to Nevada to help the Clinton caucus effort. The joy of the reunion, and Clinton’s much-needed win, are hard to hide.

In the end, thanks to organizing, significant union support, big wins at Strip location caucus sites and in African-American precincts, Sec. Clinton carries Nevada easily. But by the end of the day, Sec. Clinton will already be speaking in Texas as the fight for the Democratic nomination rolls on.

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