Michigan Republicans, War on Women — February 11, 2016 at 12:44 pm

GOP senator who claimed “We can’t make an African American white” accused of assault on former Lt. Gov. candidate Lisa Brown


Michigan State Senator Marty Knollenberg made the headlines last December when, during a Senate Education Committee hearing, he explained that we can’t fix Detroit schools because “We can’t make an African American white.”

“You mentioned why these schools fail,” he said at the hearing. “You mention the economically disadvantaged and non-white population are contributors to that. And, you know, we can’t fix THAT! We can’t make an African American white. [grins] It is what it is. So we can’t fix that.

Having already established himself as a racist, Knollenberg has now made it clear that he’s also a misogynist. At a post-State of the County Address event in Oakland County, Knollenberg tried to speak with County Clerk Lisa Brown. She declined and tried to walk away but Knollenberg grabbed her arm, squeezing it painfully, and not letting go until others intervened:

Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown said Thursday she is filing an assault and battery complaint against State Sen. Martin “Marty” Knollenberg for allegedly squeezing her arm in a painful manner at an event after the State of the County address. […]

“I haven’t issued a full complaint yet — I was shaking so much I couldn’t write last night — and I really don’t want to discuss this until that is complete,” said Brown, when asked to comment Thursday.

The incident occurred at the end of Patterson’s speech as the packed hall emptied for an adjacent “Afterglow” celebration. A preliminary report indicates Brown and Knollenberg and his wife were all seated in the same row and as Brown was picking up her personal items and coat, Knollenberg tried to talk to her.

When Brown declined, the lawmaker allegedly firmly grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let go until others interceded.

Apparently Knollenberg felt that Brown, who was the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor in 2014, needed the stern hand of a man to make her comply with his wishes.


Racist? CHECK!
Mysogynist? CHECK!
Bigot? Judging by his opposition to marriage equality, CHECK!*

When you look at it this way, Marty Knollenberg may be the perfect Republican.

* I’m told that Sen. Knollenberg is actually supportive of marriage equality. I regret the error. (And maybe he’s not such a perfect Republican after all.)

UPDATE: Knollenberg says it was just a handshake.

[Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog]