Flint, Rick Snyder, Video — February 20, 2016 at 9:53 am

Asked about #FlintWaterCrisis FOIA revelations, Gov. Snyder goes into full-on Palin Mode™ word salad


“Wharrgarbl” – Gov. Rick Snyder

At a recent visit to a Flint food kitchen, Gov. Snyder was asked by a reporter about revelations that have come from FOIA requests by various media and watchdog groups like Progress Michigan. “Getting back to those FOIAs, what has disturbed YOU most about what has come out of those?” she asked.

What transpired after that is something worthy of Saturday Night Live skit where a politician reaches into a bag containing snippets of political jargon, lays them out randomly on a table, and then has to read the result.

Here’s what our Gov. said in response:

“Well, again, it just shows that there are cultural issues that need to be addressed in terms of people saying instead of why they should be talking about it what actions need to be taken, who’s responsible in getting things done.”

Think I’m kidding? Let’s roll the tape that was obtained by Progress Michigan:

I have no idea what this means but Gov. Snyder’s smug nod at the end suggests that he thinks he nailed it.

His incoherent, disjointed response is the perfect metaphor for his administration’s response to the entire catastrophe in Flint. It’s been 142 days since Gov. Snyder first acknowledged the poisoning of Flint’s drinking water with a powerful neurotoxin and, during that time, not one single lead pipe has been removed.

Not. One.