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What the hell is going on in Michigan?


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It took a genuine catastrophe in Flint for people to notice, but what’s going on in Michigan should be a screeching alarm to America of the dangers of right-wing governance.

Rick Snyder’s soggy demeanor and business connections bless him with the shiny veneer of being a “moderate.” Few people understood the radicalism his complete lack of charisma hid.

Elected in a Tea Party wave, Snyder narrowly won re-election, mostly due to the strength of Barack Obama’s accomplishments, the Michael Bloomberg-backed saturation of the TV airwaves, and an establishment-endorsed sense of competence.

Even as the Flint water crisis had become impossible to ignore in December of last year, the dean of bland DC centrism praised Snyder’s “refreshing approach to politics in Michigan.”

It’s about as refreshing a glass of lead-poisoned water.

The Flint Water Crisis is the culmination of six years of governance by corporatism gone wild. The belief that the powerful need a break and the poor need to pay is the only through-line of this administration. And much of America is finally getting that. It just took every child in Flint under the age of 6 — all 8,657 of them — being poisoned by lead to make them see it

If you live in Michigan, you know this first hand. If you read Eclectablog, you’ve been hearing the alarm bell ringing for half a decade.

Our fearless publisher Chris Savage has been tearing the hair out of his head to get people to understand what is being done to this state that has been just about entirely under Republican control on the state level since 2010. Just look at his head now:


Beyond the Flint Water Crisis, here are some examples of the essential work he does:

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[Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]