Debbie Stabenow, Gary Peters — December 21, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Three days to avoid deportation


If Congressman Upton can do the right thing, so can Senators Peters and Stabenow

People who complain about immigration often say they just want people to come to this country “the right way.” Well, here is a chance to support someone who has done everything he was supposed to and may nonetheless be deported on Christmas Eve. Despite the fact that the conditions that led to the U.S. granting him asylum 25 years ago still threaten his life if he were to be deported today.

Ibrahim Parlak is a small business owner in Harbert, MI, a tiny community on the West side of the state. He has worked hard, paid taxes, has a U.S. citizen daughter, and has applied for U.S. citizenship himself. The U.S. rescinded his asylum after 9-11 despite no evidence that he presents any threat. DHS threatened to deport him in 2004 but Congressman Upton (R-Battle Creek) and Senator Levin (D, retired) were able to protect him from deportation. Congressman Upton still supports him, but neither Peters nor Stabenow has stepped up to do the right thing since Levin’s retirement and now Mr. Parlak has three days to avoid deportation.

A petition to DHS and our Senators started over the weekend already has over 3,000 signatures. Please consider adding your name. And call Senator Peters and Senator Stabenow and tell them to do the right thing and sponsor a private bill to protect Mr. Parlak.

Petition Link

(And read the comments, which are a testament to how integrated Mr. Parlak is into his community).