Michigan Republicans — December 22, 2015 at 8:50 am

Michigan GOP State Director of African American Engagement posts hideous Islamophobic meme on social media


That guy on the right there is Wayne Bradley, the Michigan Republicans’ State Director of African American Engagement. He runs the GOP office in Detroit that opened two years ago with a special visit by Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul.

You would think that a Republican working hard to reach out to Black Michiganders would err on the side of not being offensive to minority groups in our state. That he would have some sense of how damaging to the Republican brand any sort of intolerance and bigotry is.

However, since he is a Republican – who goes by the name of “@ConservativeBro” on Twitter and runs a website called “Conservative Bro” – you would, of course, be very wrong.

This past week, Bradley posted this offensive meme on various social media platforms:

Seriously, “bruh”?

The image has sparked the amount of outrage that you’d expect and he appears to have removed his Instagram post amid the backlash, tweeting “People can be so sensitive and emotional.”

Progress Michigan Executive Director Lonnie Scott expressed some of that outrage in a statement released yesterday, calling for Bradley to be fired:

This offensive and sophomoric post just as the holiday season rolls on is wrong on so many levels. It’s a shame that the Republican Party employs people that feel comfortable disseminating images that perpetuate inappropriate and false stereotypes about the Muslim community, especially those who are employed to specifically reach out to minority groups. Not only is this post insulting to an entire religious group, it also makes light of the conflicts we face due to terrorism and the lives that have been lost in the violence. Unfortunately, this ignorant and cavalier approach to rhetoric regarding non-white and non-Christian communities seems to be a mainstay for the Republican Party and it hurts our entire country. The Republican Party should fire Mr. Bradley immediately and publicly apologize for his remarks. It’s too bad that Donald Trump already hired a State Director, it seems it would have been a perfect fit for Mr. Bradley.

Republican African American Engagement: UR doin it wrong, “bruh”.

Adding… A glance at Bradley’s Instagram feed shows him to be a total gangsta poser. He has all sorts of posts about how “Chicks be all like…”, showing him making gang signs, and other phony “bruh” BS. This is the face of the Michigan Republican Party’s African American Engagement program and it speaks volumes.