Errata — December 10, 2015 at 6:23 am

ERRATA: Correcting a misstatement in my reporting from Monday night’s LGBTQ forum in Ann Arbor


When I wrote up my piece following Monday night’s LGBTQ forum in Ann Arbor where a community forum took place on the topic of a ballot initiative for LGBTQ civil rights, I indicated that Wayne State University Law School Dean Jocelyn Benson had helped to write the ballot language. That statement came from civil rights attorney Dana Nessel’s opening remarks:

This fall I sat down with my little, incredible, Distinguished Law Professor Bob Sedler from Wayne State University Law School and with Jocelyn Benson and we sat down and we set out to redraft the Michigan constitution, or at least Article 1, Section 2 of it. And so what we decided would work much better for our state, rather than having no protections for LGBT people in the constitution, that we should add various sets of classes that did not exist.

You can listen to the actual audio by clicking the arrow button (or by clicking HERE):

Following the publication of my piece, I was contacted by Dean Benson as well as Shawn Starkey, the Director of Marketing Communications at Wayne State University Law School who both informed that she was not involved and that only Robert Sedler had participated. They asked me to correct the piece which I have done.

I regret the error.