Michigan Republicans — November 18, 2015 at 9:18 am

Todd Courser still delusional, believes explosive State Police investigation exonerates him


I hadn’t intended to write any more about Todd Courser but now that we have the 385-page Michigan State Police report, we have more detail about what actually transpired in the sordid, made-for-The Jerry Springer Show affair of Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.

As it turns out, Courser and Gamrat’s staffers Ben Graham, Josh Cline, and Keith Allard worked with Gamrat’s husband Joe to prove the two were having an affair and then to attempt to convince them to end it. In February, Joe Gamrat saw Courser leave Cindy Gamrat’s Radisson hotel room “in the early morning hours” and then banged on the door in a failed attempt to get her to come out. At some point during the unfolding drama, Joe Gamrat placed a bug in her purse to record her activities and a tracking device on her vehicle track her comings and goings. Courser himself placed (or had Immanuel Eickholdt place) a tracking device on Joe Gamrat’s vehicle to track his comings and goings. Joe Gamrat received or recorded audio of Courser and Cindy Gamrat having sex at some point, as well, audio which, thankfully, has never been released.

During it all, Joe Gamrat, with the assistance of his friend and coworker at Domtar Paper Products in Port Huron, David Horr, used a burner cell phone to send anonymous texts to Courser, Cindy Gamrat, and Todd Courser’s brother Dan trying to get Courser to end the affair and to resign with threats of revealing their infidelity.

Now that the full report has been released (yes, I read the whole thing), Courser bizarrely feels vindicated. His reading of the report is that this was all one big conspiracy by people he refers to as his “competition” to get him out of office. He has taken to Facebook to declare that this was nothing more than a well-executed extortion plot to get him out of office, a plot orchestrated from the start by his staffers. This, in his twisted mind, justifies everything that he did and, in fact, FORCED him to.

This past Sunday morning, Chad Livengood from The Detroit News called and recorded a twenty-one and half minute conversation with Courser in which he continues to make the case that he was justified in what he did due to this conspiratorial extortion plot by “those bastards” Cline, Graham, and Allard. He repeatedly accuses Livengood of not reporting the full story, saying that he refused to report on “the motivations” of the conspirators.

You can listen to the full profanity-laced tirade here:

I found this bit interesting:

Todd Courser: We have a text from Keith that says, “Now that we’re here,” this is in February, “Now that we’re here, the first thing we need to do is get him thrown out of office.”

Chad Livengood: You have that in a text message to who?

TC: In text messages between these guys.

CL: How do you have that?

TC: Between Keith, Ben, and Josh.

CL: How do you have a copy of that, Todd?

TC [derisively]: Because there’s one other person on that stream, Chad.

CL: Okay.

This text has never been revealed, of course, a curious fact given that his entire premise is that the extortion plot was perpetrated by his enemies and “competition” to get him out of office rather than by Joe Gamrat to stop the affair his wife was having with Courser. This is despite the fact that the phones of numerous players, including Courser himself, were taken by the Michigan State Police in the course of the investigation and their entire contents downloaded. They even have some deleted texts in the report.

What’s interesting is how Courser has placed the blame for his actions on others from the very start. In late May, he and Joe Gamrat exchanged dozens of texts in which he refuses to apologize (while claiming that he already has apologized) and deflecting the blame from himself.

One of the more pathetic parts of this entire drama is how submissive Cindy Gamrat comes across in the whole thing. She was obviously manipulated by Courser throughout and her husband Joe controls her, as well. He attempted to carry on his texting with Courser without her knowledge with Courser adding her to texts against Joe Gamrat’s wishes. She comes across as a weak player in the entire thing, unable to make a move without the consent of one or both of the men who control her life. In some of the revealed texts including exchanges between Joe Courser and his friend David Horr, they worry that she will attempt to harm herself or take her own life.

Below is a transcript of the texting between Courser and Joe Gamrat that took place between May 21st and May 30th of this year. I transcribed it because I think it’s important to understand how Courser deflected all blame for his actions even to the husband of the wife with whom he had an affair and because it shows how controlled Cindy Gamrat was once her husband discovered her philandering. It also reveals that, even after the affair was discovered, Courser and Cindy Gamrat continued to be in contact. Finally, it reveals that, when Cindy Gamrat decided to run for Terri Lynn Land’s open RNC seat, her son Joey – an 18-year old homeschooled high school student – contacted Courser and asked him to stay out of it because he would hurt her chances. Courser’s response was, apparently, one of his 1,000+ word bloviations explaining that that was between him and Cindy Gamrat and that he wouldn’t do anything without her knowledge and consent.

As you read through it, keep in mind that Courser, to this day, believes he was forced by the so-called extortion plot to send out his disgusting false flag, self-smearing email to thousands of people.

It’s also worth noting that the Lapeer County Prosecutor has declined to press charges saying all the people involved have their hands dirty and there’s nothing to be gained by an expensive prosecution of a man who was simply trying to get his wife to stop cheating on him.

Finally, I have received two independent reports from residents of Lapeer indicating that Courser is now living in his law office and not with his wife Fon.

Texts between Joe Gamrat (JG) and Todd Courser (TC) May 21st to May 30th, 2015

NOTE: All misspellings and grammatical errors are reproduced from the Michigan State Police report.

Joe Gamrat: You have some serious gall to continue any interaction or connection with Cindy. You need to completely disconnect from her, including Facebook (block her, unfriend her, and unlike any posts of hers that you’ve liked), get rid of her phone number, eliminate any other access you have to her. Get the hell out of our lives and stay out. Pardon my language but you’ve got to be the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever known, and that’s being polite. You need some serious help.

JG: Wanted to make sure that you got this since you have yet to reply.

Forgive me if your words of apology ring hollow. You mention an initial voicemail but I only received part two – so no, it didn’t take. Feel free to call back with what was said initially in part 1.

In regards to meeting you, I have no interest at this time, especially at my home. You can trust me that there will come a time and place that we have a face to face, and that will be a time and place of my choosing without warning to you.

Finally, I don’t think you get it yet. When you try to tel me that “”I think your wife…she absolutely does love, I just don’t think she understands how to make it right or reconcile that with everything””, it is totally inappropriate. For you to tell me how she is feeling or what she is struggling with, is where this all started. You should have no idea what she is struggling with or how she is feeling. If you don’t understand that you will assuredly ruin another family or two more. Emotional and personal conversations between a married man and a married woman, especially regarding their marriages, should be completely off limits. Never ever should those trails be taken.

Todd Courser: My apologies; no intention to not respond; I wrote it on the other phone and thought I sent it to you; I don’t keep that phone with me when I have this one. I’ll eye it tomorrow and send it along. Have a good night.

JG: Understood. So, the other phone is in Lapeer?

TC: I’m not sure where it’s at it was in all stuff from this past weekend; I think so. But I’ll get it located tomorrow or I’ll key in a message on it, I don’t think I said it right or you didn’t get the first part and so it didn’t come off right; not that it could come off right but I have to find it.

JG: I didn’t get any first part, which is what I said in my text. I had asked you to call back and leave it again but…

And you’re right it probably can’t come off right!

JG: What is your schedule today?

JG: And I need you to either forward the lost text or call me with what you said by noon today. I am seriously doubting that you are understanding what you did or continue to do. All facets of the relationship with MY wife and the Mom of MY children should have ended nearly two weeks ago. If you were a fraction of the man that you say you are you’d understand.

JG: I’m still waiting for the voicemail or text that you said you left and thought you sent. Your text above is taking a tangent.

JG: Sorry Todd but your voicemail and text were supposedly an apology, so I don’t really know how it’s no longer pertinent. Feel free to call me with what was said or re-text me, and me alone, unless by some sick regard you no longer feel an apology is required.

JG: I’m still waiting for the missing apology that you seem to think is no longer pertinent.

I am taking Cindy out of this communication as this is between you and me, so there was no need for her to be added by you. Unless of course you would like me to add Fon into the conversation as well so that it isn’t behind her back anymore either? And there is no need to send this, or any response you may have, to her for her review or her approval.

TC: I’m sorry I’m at cabellas today; I have cut in Cindy on this stream so I am not going behind her back on any of this; if we are cutting communications

JG: if?

TC: then I can’t really see how sending along the texts from anonymous makes sense to me;

JG: I have no idea what you’re talking about and how it could have any reference to stopping communications between you and Cindy

TC: the two of you can decide what added steps need to happen in regards to all this for you,

JG: thanks for the insight. If only you had recognized that a year ago instead of the continual need to confide in each other regarding your marriages…or was it just ours?

TC: but Cindy you have said we need to cut the communications and I have attempted to do so;

JG: by adding her back in?

you either act like she is the only one that want communication stopped or you’re saying that you are doing what you can but she isn’t? If that isn’t a little disingenuous…do you not see the need to stop as well?

TC: so joe I am not sure what communications you are referring to; if you can be more specific I will be glad to address it; I have been going thru and cutting the ties between her electronic points of overlap and mine; as has she;

JG: I guess you expect me to take you at your word? I’ve done that before.

have you unblocked me from your Facebook? I mean it only makes sense that someone would block their “”””best”” friends”” spouse, right?

have you blocked or unfriended Cindy?

Facebook access? Nationbuilder? Schedules? Emails?

does your key still open her office? Does her key open yours?

does she have a key to your law office?

TC: I know she has been considering a new staff member or two and I am as well;

JG: and how would you know that? Do you know if any other reps are considering a new staff member or two?

TC: I am having a meeting in that regard tomorrow as well; she will have to fill you in on that part for her and any of the separation steps;

JG: again thanks, but this was about you.

TC: I have committed to heading home at night in all but the most constrained timeframes of Lansing; what Cindy decides in regards to that is really hers to decide not mine;

JG: so let’s not have any conjecture about what she might or might not do.

head home at night or head home as soon as your hearings and session are over?

TC: I have also cut off any communication concerning secret texter

JG: what secret texter?

TC: and she has said to just do what I would regardless of what the consequences are for her; I will just proceed and do what I think makes sense in that regard as it develops;

I will try to keep the best intentions of protecting both of you in that but I can’t really promise anything in that regard;

JG: Sorry, but I’ve seen how your intentions work and how you have protected both of us thus far – by disrespecting me to her, questioning my salvation to her, telling her what to say to me, what to say to our kids – I don’t hold my breath when you say that.

TC: I planned on being maligned and abused as I came into office so in some weird way what this guy is doing fits fine for me;

JG: do you see this as some sort of laughing matter? This isn’t about being “”maligned and abused”” this is about maligning and abusing countless people. You aren’t a victim in what is going on around you, you are the perpetrator. It’s called 100% responsibility and you seem to like playing with hornets nests and then sulking in the misery that comes with those injuries, while wanting people to feel sorry for you.

TC: we have cut most all administrative electronic overlapping items and will continue to do so as they appear.

JG: most?

only electronic?

do you physically talk or meet to discuss administrative items? Other items?

JG: I am perceiving your lack of reply as a sign of zero sincerity or remorse. I know that you love replying with thousands of words, I’ve seen it done to my son, so I know you’re not inept at using words.

I’m still waiting for my apology from “”you”” that you said you had left for me. And again, stop bringing Cindy into the conversation. Remember, you were cutting communications with her… right?

TC: Joe – sorry I have had constituent stuff all morning; maybe I am wrong and please forgive me if I am, or if I am speaking out of turn here, but I have acknowledged my responsibility and my failure and I have given you my apology;

JG: no apology yet. You say that you left a message (which I never received) and hope that it “”took”” which it apparently hasn’t since it was not received. I asked you to text me or call back with what was said and you then tell me that you thought you sent it but can’t find it, and then it is “”no longer pertinent””. Sorry but I don’t see how that is anywhere close to giving me an apology.

if you were a smidgen of a man, you’d recognize that and properly apologize to me.

TC: maybe you are not hearing it or don’t want to hear it; that is your responsibility;

JG: please don’t try to tell me what my responsibility is. You have enough responsibilities that you should be concentrating on.

TC: you have to decide what to do with it. It is your call to accept it or reject it; it is your call to grant forgiveness to whomever or don’t; it is yours.

JG: the holier than though is speaking again. Please…

I can’t accept or reject something I was never given

TC: Scriptures (not that I have any right to quote scripture)

JG: but of course you still will right?

and trust me, I know what my responsibilities are from scripture. I also know what the scriptures say about some other things that YOU should consider.

TC: say you must but I have certainly failed in granting forgiveness to others in my life so I understand how hard your spot is;

JG: don’t patronize me

TC: you are free to keep debating an apology you have already clearly acknowledged or don’t;

JG: should I send you a copy of our earlier texts so that you can see? I know it wouldn’t matter as you still are trying to blame others for what YOU were doing!

TC: its your responsibility what you do or don’t do with it.

JG: it sure is, once I get it.

TC: You, like me, have to decide if you have any responsibility in an area of your own life and whether your actions measured up to that responsibility;

JG: no need to try and tell me what I need to do.

is this the scriptures according to Godd?

here we go again with the holier than thou talk

TC: in this case mine clearly did not; then what if anything is or is not your own contribution to a set of events around you;

JG: so apparently, in your mind, if the circumstances occur again with someone else’s whife, you would have no problems having sex again…since as you say “”it is from my contribution to a set of events”” – you are a sick individual!

TC: maybe you feel you have responsibility and have owned it and then moved to correct it or not; maybe you feel you have no responsibility; either way you have to decide and then whatever you decide your actions will follow. I can’t nor would I try to tell you if or where your responsibility lies in this;

JG: then don’t

of course, it’s a little late for that as you have been giving your thoughts on what I was doing wrong for some time now. I wonder why that might have been.

TC: I have said I claim what I have done and I have taken responsibility for my actions and I have apologized.

JG: again, never received an apology. I hear of an apology that was given, but it doesn’t really count if the person you are apologizing to didn’t receive it now does it.

your actions say otherwise.

TC: Joe you have right to perceive me as you are going to perceive me;

JG: I will perceive you as I always have, which was a reality.

TC: accept my apology or don’t;

JG: never received it to accept it. So please, I am still waiting.

TC: grant forgiveness or don’t; if you feel like asking for something you clear had and had rejected helps you and your wife and your family move on and that is what makes sense to you in your responsibly then that is for you to decide. I’ll just keep explaining as I have that you have already acknowledged my apology and rejected it.

JG: wrong. You have never called back or texted with what you told me in your first message, which was the supposed apology.

TC: You like everyone have to decide to own your stuff or don’t; you have my apology what you do with it is yours to decide.

JG: never received. You keep saying that you have done it, maybe you were listening to yourself talk and though you were talking to me. I have never received and apology aor what was in your first message.

TC: On the off note of Joey – Not sure what you mean regarding your son Joey he reached out to me not me to him and he did so without including his mother in the stream and was asking me to act in a particular way in her campaign without running it by her;

JG: partly correct but as usual, you try to spin it to look as if it is all on him.

who is the adult in the situation?

since we are talking about Joey now, how come you didn’t add him into the conversation? Why is it okay for you to go behind his back? And not Cindys?

you were told by him that

“”If you have any desire to see Cindy win, stay out of the race. Everything you seem to touch either blows up or wilts away.

Stay out of the RNC race””

You in your ultimate wisdom thought the best way to respond to the 17 year old son of your “”friend”” was to blast him for going around his mom, tell him how you would do anything his mom wanted (I see now what that was), and continue on in your typical arrogance for some 500-100 words.

TC: maybe you think I should not have asked him to speak to his mother first or not

JG: you could have responded with a short response to him stating that. Not some diatribe of you being able to listen to yourself bloviate.

TC: but for me I was not going to speak to him about potentially taking actions that would be potentially in direct opposition to her efforts

JG: you do realize that your endorsement letter probably hurt more than it helped. But of course, you seem to like that so that you can be the one to console and have the time to discuss what went wrong, how could we improve, etc..

TC: in her rnc race without her knowledge would be unbelievably wrong to do, I told him such and that if he wanted to know what I was involved in or not involved

JG: he never asked what you were or weren’t involved in. He simply said to stay out of the race. Interesting how you spin the words of others to your perceived benefit.

TC: it he needed to speak to his mother on t and then I would be glad to share once she signed off on it. Maybe you think I should have spoken to him without her consent

JG: um, your response to him, and only him. Not sure why you didn’t add her into that conversation like you have here.

TC: or maybe not I am not sure; that is for you to decide on what level of inclusion you feel makes sense; for me I wasn’t going to undermine her efforts without her knowing about it. He didn’t like my answer. So I am not sure if you are saying I should have taken his call and done what he was asking behind his mother efforts and without his mother signing off on it or not? Maybe I am just confused on that point?

JG: oh, there are a lot of things you are confused on. But, of course, it will always come down to someone else’s responsibility or ownership that needs to be addressed.

TC: Finally you can include your wife in the stream or don’t; but to me it is not appropriate to discuss this behind her back so I’ll keep including her.

JG: right, so it is up to me to include MY wife in this stream or not, and yet you then decide to add her in? Pure arrogance.

did you include Fon too?

does she even know yet?

you have told me that you have cut communications. This wasn’t about her, it was about you. But again, add people into the mix so that you can have them feel sorry for you and how you’re being treated. You are a sick individual. You can’t handle yourself man to man, and think that through text is how to be manly?

this started from a missed call by YOU to ME. She wasn’t included in that, so why include her in this? Because you can’t resist doing so. It gives you something to talk to her about.

TC: So if you want me not to contact her and to work to keep moving to separate, which she and I are doing,

JG: how hard is it to stop talking? To stop texting? To stop meeting?

there are two reps and two staff members. Hmm, I am sure that you are good with numbers so do I need to do the math for you? Isn’t Keith in charge of staffing? Can’t Keith figure out or be tasked with what to do to accommodate the office(s)?

pathetic really, and if you could pull your head out of your ass for a second, you could see that.

TC: on this then this isn’t working in that direction and just puts more pressure on to communicate.

JG: oh I see, it is now my fault that is causing you to continue to work together.

you are a total piece of shit.

MY response to YOU and your response to ME has nothing to do with her. We are talking about what you are saying, which are just platitudes. We are talking about you stopping communication, which you keep adding her in. We are talking about YOU, not her.

As I said before I am still awaiting a call back in regards to what you originally called to tell me. And I am still awaiting the text that you say you wrote out but never sent. Bottom line is I am still awaiting your apology for what YOU did to me and my kids, for looking me square in the eye and giving me you word that this would not happen yet forgetting about that. And finally I’m still awaiting for you to get the hell out of my family’s life and concentrate on yours for a change.

I am assuming that you will not apologize to me since it has been over two weeks now, so good luck. I will pray for you and the work that the Holy Spirit has in front of him.