GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans — November 4, 2015 at 10:01 am

NOW will Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat go away? Sadly, probably not.


It is finished!

“It is finished!” That was the title of a recent video posted to Facebook by Todd Courser. Michigan’s most notorious theocratic hypocrite used the final words of Jesus on the cross to make his final pitch to regain the House seat he fled just a couple of months ago. It’s a perfect encapsulation of a self-absorbed megalomaniac who is completely oblivious to how detached from reality he has become.

In the days since the Lapeer coward quit his job in the wee hours of the morning in order to avoid being unceremoniously thrown out, Courser seemed to become more and more deranged. His Facebook posts and emails, riddled with comical typos and grammatical errors (“Liberal on slot” was my favorite), seemed like performance art by an artist portraying a failed politician unaware of his own demise and tragically clinging to his own irrational belief that he was leading an army of supportive patriots; a self-described “gladiator”, as it were.

In the end, when it was, indeed, finished, Courser got less than 4 percent of the votes cast in his 82nd House district race, coming in a distant fifth place behind another tea partier who Courser would have us believe is — I’m not kidding here — a “Progressive”.

Cindy Gamrat did slightly better getting 9% of the vote in her race and coming in third. While Gamrat has acted less bizarre since she was tossed out of the legislature, she remained adamant that she was the victim in the whole thing and that the voters were the ones who should decide her fate.

Now that the voters have weighed in, can we count on Courser and Gamrat to go quietly into the night, never to besmirch Michigan’s political system again? Sadly, the answer is probably not. Gamrat has long been a tea party activist and there is little to suggest that she won’t continue to plague the Republican party with her religio-conservative pathos that would have us believe that Christians are the ones under attack in our country and that all problems can be solved by dismantling government at all levels.

Courser has a long history of tilting at windmills. He was defeated in his previous runs for state House, state Senate, state Board of Education, and even to run the Michigan Republican Party. He is nearly as reviled by his Republican colleagues as he is by true progressives but that has never stopped him in the past.

He told MLive yesterday that he’s a “walking corpse” who is “completely drained of all energy, emotional, mental, physical, completely wiped out” but that there is “plenty of time for battle into the future”:

If somebody said ‘Hey, are you going to run for office tomorrow?’ my answer would be no, never, except I don’t say never. Because I’ve said that in the past to only end up running for office again.

I think we’ll be talking and writing about Courser and Gamrat for years to come. They simply see the world completely different than the rest of us.

While people all over the country are raising funds and opening their communities to Syrian refugees, Courser describes it as the “importing of Middle East Muslims to Michigan” and calls the refugees themselves “Muslim imports.”

While Gamrat’s constituents loudly and repeatedly voiced their disgust over her family values hyprocrisy and lying, Gamrat clung tightly to the small handful that encouraged her.

While the rest of us look at the situation and ask, “Why? Why won’t you just go away?”, the two of them look at the same situation and think, “I just need to send one more email. I just need to post one more hateful thing on Facebook. THEN people will understand and the true patriots will rally to my cause.”

At the end of the day, the two of them are attention whores, eager to be in the limelight. I’m sure they are thrilled that ABC’s 20/20 was filming them during Election Day even though the segment that results is likely to make the two of them look foolish beyond measure.

To everyone but them.

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