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When you get to choose where you get your news you can’t lose.


Children, have a seat and let me tell you a story. Way back in your granddaddy’s time, ten years ago, every day some high school-aged kid on a bicycle would come by the house and deliver a thing called a “newspaper.” The newspaper was exactly what it sounds like: a stack of papers where a bunch of writers got together every day and wrote up a summary of the day’s news. Toward the back of these newspapers the editors would usually print a series of very long and very long-winded opinion columns, plus a few short, usually poorly-written “Letters to the Editor” written by locals with too much time on their hands.

The editors of these newspapers were in complete control of every single story and opinion printed in these so-called newspapers. The opinions were usually from grumpy old white men, rambling on about how the Good Old Days had passed and the times were a-changin’. They had a complete stranglehold on the way the news was reported and on the voices that got amplified.

Horrifying, right?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. This newfangled Information Superhighway allows anyone with an opinion and an internet connection to share that opinion with the world. Some people use it for nefarious purposes (lookin’ at you, Gamergate). Then there’s Eclectablog. Every day, Eclectablog is proud to bring you the best progressive news from around the state of Michigan with a sprinkling of diverse opinions. We do our best to lift up voices that would otherwise go unheard, and to speak truth to power. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you’re no longer shackled to the outdated, backwards thinking of people like Nolan Finley. With one click you get the real story – stories like the ongoing Emergency Manager fiasco, the disaster that is the EAA, and the Flint Water Crisis. I sincerely hope you enjoy and value what you read here. If you do, I hope you’ll consider supporting our quarterly fundraiser so we can keep the lights on.

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