Michigan Republicans — October 20, 2015 at 6:59 am

This week’s glimpse into Cindy Gamrat & Todd Courser Bizarro Land


It’s a been a while since we checked in on Michigan’s two most “special” political candidates (and by political candidates, I mean disgraced former state legislators trying like hell to get their jobs back at a place where almost nobody wants them) so I thought we would check in.

First up, we have Cindy Gamrat holding a fundraiser last night. Not such a surprising thing in a shortened primary campaign with multiple candidates. What IS surprising is that she held the fundraiser almost 150 miles from her district in a place where nobody is eligible to vote for her. It also happens to be where her (former?) boyfriend Todd Courser is from: Lapeer. Here’s the flyer for the event, first tweeted by reporter Chad Livengood:

Click image for a larger version

Of course we have the obligatory misspelling (“NIIGHT”) but more funny is the name of the bowling alley where the event was held last night: Hideway Lanes. Seriously, you couldn’t have found something a bit less ironic, Cindy? Gamrat claims the choice of the location had nothing to do with her (former?) beau. She had it 150 miles from home because her sister lives there. You betchya.

Next up, we have Todd Courser taking to the Book of Faces again, this time with a nearly 3,000-word tome explaining why HE is the best candidate for the job he just quit less than two months ago. As is typical, the piece is rife with typos, misspellings, and randomly capitalized words. In fact, in the original headline (screen cap to the right), he had not one but TWO typos (“Its” instead of “It’s” and “on slot” instead of “onslaught”.) He’s corrected the “on slot” in the blog post and removed it from his timeline but the blog still contains myriad other problems. Call me crazy but I think a state representative should be able to write without looking like a complete idiot. Maybe it’s just me.

Third up, Cindy Gamrat sent out a “media advisory” this past weekend with the title “Be Warned”, demanding that the media apologize to her for telling lies about her. Here’s the text of the advisory courtesy of Mark Maynard (UPDATE: Also available on her Facebook page):

I am requesting an immediate apology and correction from all media outlets that have reported the following misleading and inaccurate statements:

1. That I admitted to misusing taxpayer dollars to cover up an affair.

2. That I shared an office with another Representative.

These are false statements and the continuous circulation of these false statements have caused harm to myself, my family, and my campaign.

Also, I have not been found guilty of a crime nor have any costs to the state been assessed to me regarding misuse of taxpayer dollars or otherwise.

In addition, each Representative has their own office as did I. The office of the Representative in question was on another floor and on opposite sides of the building, and across the street from each other. There was an overlap of staff duties for each office.

I am requesting a public apology and correction from all media outlets who have reported these false statements. I am also requesting to be copied and made aware of each correction.

Also, let it be known for future reporting, that you have been made aware of the inaccuracies of these statements.

I appreciate and respect the necessary role of the media, and all the hard work that has been done to get on top of this story. I expect that this is just a simple oversight, however, these errors have continued unaddressed for far too long and are causing irreparable damage to me, my family, and my campaign.

I anticipate each news outlet will be just as eager to set the record straight and make a correction regarding these statements as they were in reporting them.

Thank you for your quick and timely response in addressing this,

Cindy Gamrat

Unlike Mark, I did not receive the demand to apologize. I’ll take that as the Gamrat Seal of Approval™ for Eclectablog.

And finally, our good friends at the Progress Michigan Political Action Fund have created some fun bumper stickers for the races in Courser’s and Gamrat’s districts:

The bumper stickers are only three bucks while supplies last. This is political memorabilia you’ll want to have folks. Click HERE to purchase.