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A lot of people call the Buddha the greatest marketer in the world because he told people, “Don’t trust me. Try it yourself and see how you feel.”

You can make that promise when you know you have a great product.

The Buddha did and the result was a world religion that even people who don’t like religion often claim as their own.

I’m not saying Chris Savage is the Buddha — that we know of — but I can firmly avow that the product he offers you through Eclectablog is great. Maybe you don’t agree with all the opinions of the team Chris has put together all of the time — lockstep agreement and purity vows are for Duggars. But you can’t deny this blog is an essential resource for progressives who want to keep up with the dankest perversions of the conservative right in Michigan and our nation’s capitol.

If there’s a story that’s bubbling up to the national media from Michigan, you can be sure you can be sure it was covered on Eclectablog first.

This state is a Petri dish for the current state of American politics.

We haven’t supported a Republican presidential candidate since 1988 or elected a Republican Senator since the late 90s, yet conservatives dominate all the branches of our government. After being the state that bore the brunt of much of the Great Recession, our unemployment is finally below the national average — thanks to the incredible success of the auto rescue and our Republican governor’s willingness to accept Medicaid expansion over his party’s objections.

Despite Republicans, we’re beginning to thrive. And we could be doing so much better.

When America tries Democratic policies, it does better. When progressives support progressives, progressives win. And when you support Eclectablog, you’ll feel better.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

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