Michigan Republicans — October 8, 2015 at 9:40 am

Shady campaign activities in Lapeer County in race to replace Todd Courser


Lapeer County has a sordid, albeit recent, history of shady campaign activities, particularly when Todd Courser is involved. During the 2014 campaign, a mysterious campaign flyer was distributed asking the question, “Do you think Todd Courser is a child molester?” While Courser was never proven to have been responsible for the outrageous flyers, many believed he was and, given his “false flag” email this past summer accusing himself of being a drug addicted bisexual deviant, it would surprise exactly no one if he did. Courser, of course, blamed his opponents, but Brad Hall of West Michigan Politics claimed to have proof that Courser himself distributed the flyers:

Just six days before the 82nd State House Republican Primary last year, a disgusting flyer started appearing at public locations all across the Lapeer area essentially accusing Todd Courser, local lawyer and then State House candidate, of being a child molester.

Courser expressed outrage at the flyers, claimed a police report was filed, and questioned if one of his opponents was responsible. The culprit was never known, and the controversy mostly passed after Courser won the primary. The flyers had a huge potential impact, with Courser only besting local nurse Jan Peabody by about 300 votes-3,477 to 3,126…

Tonight, West Michigan Politics can confirm from a source with intimate knowledge of Courser’s operations that he himself made and planted the flyers across Lapeer in a sickening and twisted attempt to bolster his chances at election the next week. Courser evidently thought the flyers would made him look like a victim and help bring him over the top in one of the state’s most heated and closely watched primary battles of the 2014 cycle. Looks like he may have been right.

Also, during that same primary campaign, yard signs of every candidate except Courser suddenly began sporting stickers claiming the signs were illegally placed in homeowners’ yards. Courser’s involvement was again suspected by many.

Finally, during the 2014 general election campaign, one of Courser’s campaign workers contacted a gentleman named Benjamin who politely told her that he was supporting the Courser’s Democratic opponent, Margaret Guerrero Deluca. The woman then asked him, Would you change your vote if you knew that Margaret Guerrero DeLuca had faggots and blacks working for her?

Like I said, Lapeer has a recent history of shady campaigning and the common denominator is Todd Courser.

Now fast-forward to the current one-month campaign to replace Courser, a campaign that absurdely includes Courser himself despite the fact that he resigned from the position just a month ago. One of the three Democrats running to replace Courser, Margaret Guerrero Deluca, reported on Facebook that one of her large campaign signs has been stolen and that she has filed a police report:

I am disgusted and appalled that we have just begun campaigning for the 82nd District State Representative and dirty…

Posted by Margaret Guerrero DeLuca for State Representative on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Was Courser or one of his supporters responsible? Hard to say. But given his history and the fact that he has proven himself to be an unethical, untrustable candidate and elected official, I wouldn’t put it past him. It’s a reputation he has earned for himself so, at this point, even if it’s NOT him, nobody is going to believe it.

Karma, man. It’s a bitch.