Michigan Republicans — September 18, 2015 at 7:23 am

Message not received: Cindy Gamrat files to run for the open seat she was tossed out of


After being tossed out of her seat due to a sex scandal and cover up, verbally abused by constituents at a recent “meet and greet” event in her district, and openly mocked by people across the globe, the now-infamous Cindy Gamrat has decided that she wants to give voters one last chance to throw mud at her and has filed to run for the open seat she held up until last week.

According to multiple stories, Gamrat has been getting support from people here and there but, apparently, the thing that pushed her over the top to run again was that she was jogging and a woman she didn’t know ran out of her house and hugged her. From what I can tell, Gamrat desperately wants to run again and was looking for an excuse, any excuse at all, to justify it. Apparently a random stranger she encountered while jogging was as good as anything. It reminds me of people on the internet who are convinced their insane idea is rock solid because somebody somewhere in the comments section of a blog nobody reads agreed with them.

Todd Courser has NOT filed to run but he hasn’t said he wouldn’t when asked in multiple interviews and he has until 4 p.m. today to do so.

There are four other Republicans are running against Gamrat with a fifth who has said he plans to file. The best thing that could possibly happen is that Gamrat’s opponents split the “Anybody Except That Lying, Cheating Philanderer” vote and she actually wins the primary. Then, whichever Democrat she faces has a real shot at winning, something that has virtually no chance of happening in Allegan County under ordinary circumstances.

The best commentary on this situation came from a joint op-ed by the Grand Rapids Press and Kalamazoo Gazette editorial boards:


UPDATED: Todd Courser has now confirmed that he, too, will run for the seat he quit just seven days ago. Details HERE.