Gary Peters, Michigan Democrats — September 1, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Leelanau County Democrats call on Senator Gary Peters to support Iran nuclear deal


The Leelanau County Democratic Party up in the “pinky” of Michigan has sent a letter penned by their County Party Officers and Leadership Team, on behalf of their membership, urging Democratic Senator Gary Peters to join with Sen. Debbie Stabenow in supporting the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration (a position we have also taken here at Eclectablog.)

Here is the full text of their letter:

August 19, 2015
To: Senator Gary Peters
From: The Leelanau County Democratic Party

Dear Senator Peters;

We, the undersigned members of the Leadership Team of the Leelanau County Democratic Party — which includes LCDP officers and 44 others who represent our 357 members — urge you to vote in support of the Iran nuclear deal that is now before you. We believe this agreement, negotiated over several months by Secretary of State John Kerry under the direction of President Obama and coordinated with other world leaders to include those of Russia, China, France, Germany and Great Britain, represents the most pivotal opportunity in foreign policy in a decade.

We understand very well the forces lobbying against this agreement. However, as Democrats, we firmly believe that diplomacy must be the way of the future and that our commitment to peaceful negotiation must make a clear statement to the other countries involved in this agreement and to the world community.

President John F. Kennedy, before his election, wrote the book entitled “Profiles in Courage”. Many of us were inspired by the examples he used. As it turned out, Kennedy himself had to demonstrate that courage when he negotiated with Premier Khrushchev in the resolution of the Cuban missile crisis. We consider the Iran issue to be of similar gravity.

Rather than follow the example of Senator Schumer on this issue, we ask that you heed the example of Michigan’s own esteemed Representative Sander Levin. In doing so, we believe that you will earn a place in any future group of “profiles in courage” that will surely appear in future historical records.

Thank you for your visit to Leelanau County and for considering our views.

With all best wishes,

The Leelanau County Democratic Party

This is a smart move, one I hope more Michigan organizations and Democratic groups will follow. Kudos to the Leelanau Dems for their leadership on this issue.

It’s worth noting that today, Senators Chris Coons from Delaware and Bob Casey from Pennsylvania indicated that they will support the Iran nuclear deal. With the two of them, there are now 33 Senators on board, one shy of the 34 needed to ensure that any effort to override a veto of GOP legislation to kill the deal will be unsuccessful.

Come on, Senator Peters. Do the right thing. BE that 34th vote.