Michigan Republicans, War on Women, Women — September 19, 2015 at 10:53 am

GOP strategist thinks a woman is nothing more than an “emasculated person”, calls Obama “first female president”


As Republicans gather on Mackinac Island this weekend for their annual Leadership Conference, it concentrates GOP leaders into a small area and whenever that happens, things get weird. I don’t know if they emit some strange GOP-only pheromones or what but whenever they gather together like this, they say things in their out-loud voices that they would never, ever, ever, ever say in public at other times.

I now present you with Exhibit A:

That’s Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Gary Naeyaert quoting one of the members of GLEP’s Board of Directors, Republican strategist Greg McNeilly.

What McNeilly is saying here is that our president is weak, just like a woman. You know, because women are weak. Really they’re just emasculated men. Gotta wonder how people like Carly Fiorina feel about that particular sentiment.

I am not particularly surprised that someone like DeVos family toadie McNeilly, a driving force behind making Michigan a Right to Work state and the current effort to repeal prevailing wage laws, would think something like this. What IS somewhat surprising is that he would say it in public. What is even more surprising is that his GLEP colleague would then tweet it, as if to say, “Ha ha ha ha! Isn’t this guy just a riot?!”

Please don’t ever try to tell me there isn’t a Republican war on women. Over the top sexist “stuff” like this makes it clear that it is no longer a debatable issue.

Adding… Susan Demas reminds me that McNeilly once referred to then-Senate Majority Leader Gretchen Whitmer as a “hooker”.