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Welcome back, Mr. Cotter!


Michigan House speaker Kevin Cotter (R) Mt. Pleasant is a real piece of work.

Bear with me here.

The amount of time the Republican-controlled State House has spent this summer working on issues that matter to most taxpayers has been scant with relatively little to show for it, and it has happened without direction and leadership. Cotter’s regrettable remark about NOT needing Democrats to get their agenda moving forward (if there indeed is an agenda) seems a bit more than indefensible. In fact, it seems a bit idiotic at this point, to be honest.

The failed attempt to find and fund a roads package that all can find acceptable was never realistic. I am not suggesting that he was assuming that, not even he is that naïve, or so I believe. But I am suggesting that the Speaker, who himself does not seem to be dealing with reality these days, and I will get to that shortly, is once again in the sights of both parties for very good reason: he is not only NOT leading, he seems to not have the support of his Republican colleagues, the Governor, his much needed partners in in Democratic House and anyone else, for that matter. Why? That is something that he needs to answer to but I will say from where I am sitting it is because he allows his mouth to work much faster than his brain.

CourserGamratBustedExhibit #1: Courser/Gamrat!

One only needs to ask the politically relevant cliché: What did he know and when did he know it?

I don’t have that answer and no one does but Speaker Cotter and maybe someone on his staff. Maybe. What I do know with respect to the Courser/Gamrat scandal, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it, is that someone knew something much more profound than they are willing to admit and much earlier than they are saying. And, how do I know this? It’s simple, really. I am paying attention to what is being said and what is being said is NOT congruent with what is believable.

The House Business Office, which is a non-partisan extension of the House in every way, is responsible for the hiring and firing of ALL staff, both Republican and Democrat. The House Business Office is also responsible and answers to the House Speaker and no one else. The House Business Office is also leading the investigation into the Courser/Gamrat scandal, just so you understand the chain of command here, and it is important to understand that.

If we can believe nothing else, we can believe the timeline and that timeline is critical for my argument, for you to understand where some responsibility lies here, and why what the Speaker says and what he really knows are two very different stories and two very different realities, according to my time line. It is that timeline that will entrap the Speaker Cotter. Just because the mainstream media is ignoring the timeline, and just because everyone else is, doesn’t mean that I have to as well. In fact, I refuse to ignore it because it is the Speaker that has some serious questions to answer, the most important of which are what did you know, Mr. Cotter, AND WHEN DID YOU KNOW IT?

Joshua Cline, a former staffer to the combined offices of Courser/Gamrat, left his job as an aide last spring. Last spring. Not last week. Not last month. Last spring.

Why does that matter? The answer is illuminating and important.

If Mr. Cotter continues to claim he had no knowledge of the affair, I guess it is now a real affair and no longer an assumed, supposed, or alleged affair. The reason I extrapolate this information and the timeline is that Mr. Cotter claims ignorance, not something that wears well on a politician that claim to be a leader, especially the leader of both the House Republican Party and the House Business Office. If indeed he did not know any of this until a few weeks ago he has some explaining to do. A lot of explaining to do.

The House Business Office is responsible for hiring and firing. The House Business Office is responsible spending and doing what the Speaker asks of them, no matter which Party is in office. They are not allowed to nor do they have an agenda. They are the House Business Office and conduct themselves accordingly. I have NO REASON to believe that they have done ANYTHING wrong in this matter and I am not suggesting. I want to be crystal clear on that point.

Mr. Cotter, can you really expect anyone to believe you when it is clear that nothing happens in ANY office in the House, including combining offices and allowing a combined staff, which you allowed between the offices of Representatives Courser and Gamrat, and claim NOT to know what was happening? Do you expect me to just sit back and allow you to play this “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and just swallow it because the mainstream media is frightened they might lose access to your office and your “wise” words? Do you think this will end well for you?

Think again!

Back in 2002 then-student Kevin Cotter was pulled over for speeding in Gratiot County and was found to have open intoxicants in the car, for which he paid a fine and admitted guilt. I think we can all agree that is a crime, a misdemeanor, but a crime nonetheless, right? Fast forward to 2014 and when asked through his survey through if he had ever committed a crime, he answered no. When further given the opportunity to clarify his statement that he had never committed a crime, well, click through here and read his statement. Denial, classic Republican denial.

But, it does beg the question: If he is willing to lie about this, and clearly he did lie, is he capable of lying about anything else? That I will leave to your own filters. But, in my world, once a liar. Or at least the potential exists to be a liar once again. Just a real thought about someone who has a whole lot to lose.

Progress Michigan’s Hugh Madden, who is their Communications Director, wrote a blog post back in April of this year, wisely suggesting that Mr. Cotter was NOT ready for prime time as the House Speaker, and his vision is proving to be not only accurate, but potentially career ending. Think about that as he twists and turns and as the mainstream media continues to ignore his role in this horrific scandal, and again, what he knew and when he knew it.

As I write this, the House is once again on a break and will continue their business come September 9. Until then, with the resources and opportunity through, what I plan to do is continue to ask people who have knowledge and information about the questions that we deserve answers to, complete and honest answers. Until we get them, then no holds barred, I will pursue this until I have the answers we all deserve.

Until September 9, when we will welcome back Mr. Cotter, he best not rest too well. I have a feeling that his “what he knew and when he knew it” may just be the beginning of the end for this chapter in the Republican lunacy that has controlled us for too long. The clock is ticking, Mr. Cotter. But welcome back.