GOPocrisy, Lies — August 17, 2015 at 8:51 am

The Courser/Gamrat train wreck continues apace with proselytizing, lies, and red herrings


I have to admit that, after months of writing about Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser, I’m sick of them. I’m sick of their judgemental, anti-LGBT hypocrisy. I’m sick of their narcissism. I’m sick of THEM.

Unfortunately, now that they are in the ditch they seem to be pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor. First we have Gamrat’s teary-eyed apology that seemed to have her lying about what she knew about the “false flag” email that got them into trouble to begin with. She told a reporter at her press conference that she had reported the “blackmailing” to Michigan State Police which is clearly untrue. She also told the crowd that she wasn’t involved in sending the “false flag” email but that seems clearly untrue, as well.

Things have gotten so bad that the state senator from her area, Republican Tonya Schuitmaker, is publicly criticizing Gamrat, saying, “I agree that everyone deserves forgiveness, but this isn’t about forgiveness. This is about her ability to effectively do her job.”

The editorial board for the newspaper from Gamrat’s district, The Holland Sentinel, is also also calling for her to resign:

Gamrat needs to resign her post as the representative of the 80th district covering Allegan County — which includes the southern portion of Holland — immediately. […]

The best of Gamrat’s ability right now would be to resign. Instead, more taxpayer resources and more time are going to be wasted on investigations into the affairs and subsequent cover-ups of her and her accomplice Rep. Todd Courser, R-Lapeer. […]

Gamrat and Courser both ran promising to rein in big government. Their reasons for combining offices — despite representing districts 130 miles apart — was to save the state money.

We don’t see how weeks of investigation into their actions are going to save the state money. They could put an end to all of this by simply resigning.

Courser, of course, is even worse, to the point that GOP state Rep. Tom Barrett, chairman of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee is calling for Courser to be censured. Courser, he said, has been missing in action from his district and missed a committee meeting to meet with now-former staffer Ben Graham who recorded the whole thing, setting the wheels in motion for Courser and Gamrat’s downfall.

Not content to let things play out, Courser has continued his publicly narcissistic plunge by spewing out a nearly 2,000-word word salad on Facebook that contains no fewer than eight different passages from the Bible. Courser starts the entire mess with a diversionary red herring:

My lack of righteousness does not negate God’s righteousness

In all of this – it is nothing short of a massive earthquake for me and my family and those who have supported me and even to those who hate me; thru this a series of common themes have emerged and many will take days weeks months and generations to see the full fruit of, but one that is clear is that I am now the poster boy for those who would say “God is dead,” or “ Christians are failures,” or “Christians are hypocrites.” Instantly I have been shown to be a hypocrite in my life, a liar, a laughable joke; much if not all of that is presently justified. But in spite of all of that I am a Christian and I am a follower of Christ, and my failures in no way reduce or negate God’s promises; no unfortunately they showcase Him and His promises –both positive and negative. He is still Holy and still righteous and still gave His all on the cross at Calvary so we can have salvation in Him; He did it, not because I am in anyway worthy or righteous, but rather because I am not – I am nothing without Him and my actions do not show that He is less able or that His promises are less true, no my actions show just how corrupt this man’s heart is and how much he needs his Savior to walk righteously and to pay the price of sin and death on the cross!

Courser wants us to believe that his detractors are focusing their wrath on all Christians, an absurd statement that is made very clear in the over 500 comments on the Facebook post, nearly all of which point the finger at him and at Gamrat for their lying and philandering and hypocrisy.

Make no mistake, the calls for his resignation have nothing to do with Christianity or God. In fact, the people who are most irate are those who once felt a kinship with him. He has betrayed them and played them – “the herd” – for fools.

And yet the foolish man can’t stop talking. In fact, he promises us that there is more to come.

As I am personally walking this out I will just from time to time post and try to explain where I am at in all of this; your prayers and support as this all comes and goes will be most appreciated – there are plenty of parts to it all: marriage, family, official, political, as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual; I can’t always explain it all as it plays out around me and in my heart, but as the Lord leads I will bring forward and share.

Courser seems to believe that we WANT to hear from him. What we actually want to hear from him is that he is resigning.

That, unfortunately, is about the only thing he and Gamrat seem unwilling to do.

This afternoon, Joshua Cline, the former aide to Courser Gamrat, who they have thrown under the bus to hide their indiscretions, will host a press conference at the Dailey Law Firm in Royal Oak to tell his side of the story. Cline will tell the inside story of what happened in the Courser/Gamrat offices, and will take questions from media.

Stay tuned. Unfortunately these two self-absorbed narcissists seem unwilling to just go away.

I’ll finish with something my friend and former Lapeer County resident Teresa Bundell wrote to me:

Todd, you are not “In Christ Alone” when you negatively impacted your wife, children, other family members, fired staff and constituents. There are no take backs in this one. You can commit to being “In Christ Alone” but cannot use it as the Armor of God; as some form of righteous sword and shield to protect you from your responsibilities and the harm that you have caused to others.

You are correct, Todd, when you say there are plenty of parts to all of this. It is time for you to step down as Representative and address the other areas of your life that should be more important to you than the political. Let the citizens of Lapeer move on from being the negative focus of state and national news.