Lies, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — June 10, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Republican State House Rep. Todd Courser: Supports anti-Vaxers, lies about non-existent vaccine-autism connection


It’s a shocking and depressing fact that there are uneducated people out there who are afraid of vaccinations because they read somewhere or heard from someone that one time that vaccinations cause autism.

They don’t.

But that didn’t stop Republican Todd Courser from expressing his support for the anti-Vaxer community and to reinforce people’s unfounded and unscientific fears about the non-existent autism/vaccination connection on his Facebook page

This man is an elected state Representative. It’s one thing to use fearmongering against your political opponents to get people to vote for you or support your positions. It’s entirely another thing to use outright lies, provable lies, lies that can cause real harm not just to individuals but to our communities, as well.

In Spain right now there is a little boy with diptheria who is being kept alive with machines while another eight children are being quarrantined after being tested positive for the lethal bacterial infection.

This sort of thing will continue and it threatens the lives of children who CAN’T be vaccinated due to medical problems.

Todd Courser should take down this offensive post and apologize to his constituents and to all Michiganders. His behavior is beyond reproach.

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