LGBT, Republican-Fail, RFRA, Rick Snyder — June 10, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Michigan Republicans pass “license to discriminate in adoptions” legislation, heads to Gov. Snyder’s desk


UPDATE: This post has been updated and the title updated to reflect the new information.

As Amy wrote about earlier today, the Michigan senate was considering a package of bills that will allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT couples when placing children. So-called “sincerely-held religious beliefs”, at least for the bigots among us, include consigning some children to a life in adoptive care because no home at all is, in their minds, better than a home with two loving parents who happen to be the same gender.

Unfortunately, the bills passed the Senate with a 26-12 margin this afternoon clearing the way for them to head to Gov. Snyder’s desk and the legislation now goes back to the House where a slightly different version was passed previously. They are expected to approve it and send it to Gov. Snyder’s desk yet today.

Congressman Dan Kildee issued this blunt statement:

It is astounding to me that Republicans in Lansing, rather than working to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads, instead chose to spend their time today codifying discrimination into state law. This latest package of anti-LGBT bills does nothing to create jobs or spur our state’s economy. Instead it gives the state a license to discriminate against loving Michigan families. The State Legislature should be ashamed of their misplaced priorities and I hope that Governor Snyder vetoes this package of extreme bills.

Gov. Snyder has not indicated if he will sign these pieces of legislation into law or not so now is the time to contact him which you can do by calling (517) 373-3400 or by sending him an email. You should also contact your House Rep. to make sure they vote against these bills. You can do both simultaneously using this handy link.

Don’t wait. Time is of the essence.

UPDATE: The House has now passed the Senate version of the bill which included a requirement that adoption agencies that refuse to work with same-sex couples refer them to an agency that will work with them. It’s an interesting concession given that Republicans voted down an amendment to the legislation offered by House Democrats that would have required anti-LGBT adoption agencies to warn couples ahead of time about their bigoted policies. The three-bill package now goes to Gov. Snyder for his signature or veto. MAKE THOSE CALLS!!!