Gretchen Driskell, MI-07 — June 3, 2015 at 6:17 am

“Grandfather of the Tea Party” Republican Tim Walberg put “On Notice” by EMILY’s List


EMILY’s List, America’s premier group for helping get pro-Choice Democratic women elected into office – referred to as a “radical pro-abortion group” by anti-Choicers – has compiled a list of Republicans they are putting “On Notice”. Being “On Notice” means EMILY’s List is actively recruiting and supporting women candidates to take out the anti-Choice incumbent currently holding that spot.

On the “On Notice” list is my very own “representative” Republican Tim Walberg. Here’s what EMILY’s List has to say about him:

Tim Walberg – MI-07

  • Supported an absolute ban on abortion, with “rare” exceptions.
  • Cosponsored and supported two abortion bans.
  • Supported the privatization of social security.

Representative Walberg has an unabashed extreme record when it comes to women and families in Michigan’s Seventh Congressional District. From wanting to privatize Social Security to repeatedly cosponsoring a national abortion ban, Congressman Walberg has clearly been more concerned about driving his extreme Tea Party agenda than enacting policies that benefit more women and families.

They list five reasons for their effort to unseat Walberg:

  • Walberg Said He Was “Tea Party before the Tea Party.”
  • Walberg Supported the Privatization of Social Security.
  • Walberg Supported an Absolute Ban on Abortion, With “Very, Very Rare” Exception to Save Mother’s Life.
  • Walberg Twice Cosponsored and Supported an Abortion Ban.
  • Walberg Responded to Overturn of DOMA by Declaring “Society Itself Is at Risk and Cannot Continue.”

This seat “tilts Republican” according to Roll Call and, as I have reported, Walberg’s opponent, Gretchen Driskell, has come out of the gate strong, raising more money than Walberg last quarter and with a 5-point lead over Walberg in the first poll of the race. If you’d like to support Driskell, as EMILY’s List has in the past, you can do so HERE.

The full list of candidates put “On Notice” by EMILY’s list can be found HERE.